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Thursday, 26 April 2012

quintessentially british

I read this article last week in my favourite magazine, Stylist (if you didn't already know, I love Stylist), and it really got me thinking about British style and the ever changing 'person of the moment'.  Kate Middleton is the nation's princess and I think Stylist really hit the nail on the head when they highlighted that one of the reasons society has not only accepted her, but embraced her, is partly down to her shopping in high street stores, and credit to her for that!! I was amazed to read that Reiss' website was down for TWO hours after she was photographed wearing their beige bandage dress (seen here). And does anyone else remember this red dress that Mylene Klass wore in her first M&S advert? I looked everywhere for that dress, and it sold out online almost instantly.  Would either of those dresses have sold so quickly if an unknown retail fashion model had been wearing them?  I think not.

British fashion has always been very distinctive, believe it or not, we're actually considered 'fearless' when it comes to our style; individual and unique being common definitions. I remember a French girl at work telling me she was always amazed at how well we 'British' layer things, and actually complimented us for it. She is one of the most chic people I have ever met, but thinking about it, I never saw her wearing anything patterned!!

Obviously I am aware of our favourite British beauties and how we instantly want to replicate their look, why else would fashion labels regularly show images of celebs in their clothing, but it's incredible to think that one image of one person can create such hype. Remember the impact Sienna had on fashion? Boho was everywhere!

So, with this is mind I thought I'd show some of our nation's favourites, and some of my personal favourites.  I hope you like :)

Golden Oldies:
1. Sienna Miller – the Queen of boho, I remember eagerly logging onto ASOS and searching Sienna.
2. Alexa Chung - Her tomboy approach won her the 'Style Icon' award, and she has a Mulberry bag named after her, need I say more?
3. Kate Moss - I couldn't possibly post this without mentioning this international fashion icon…from Croyden!

Been around a while, staying around a while:
4. Emma Watson - previously known as geeky Hermione, also awarded 'Style Icon', this girl has revolutionised getting a haircut!
5. Carey Mulligan - This English rose is not yet considered a fashionista, but she regularly graces the pages of our top fashion magazines for her unique red carpet approach.
6. Cara Delevingne - love her, love her style, love her eyebrows.  The new face of Burberry, and I’m pretty sure we're going to be seeing a lot more of her.  Alexa and Kate might have to up the stakes!

Ones to watch out for:

6. Claire Foy - recently starred in White Heat and Upstairs Downstairs, and has been pipped as rising star of 2012.  Not just a pretty face :)
7. Leomie Anderson - one of the 'new faces' of reality tv programme The Model Agency. I loved this programme and loved Leomie, I knew there was big things to come for her, especially when she was selected to open the Loewe show.  If like me, you’re a regular ASOS customer, you’ll know her now as one of their new models.
8. FelicityJones - definitely one to look out for, doesn't she look beautiful in those pictures? You might recognise her from Cemetery Junction and Like Crazy, but soon I don't think it'll be just her acting she's known for, she reportedly outshone Natalie Portman on the red carpet!

And just because, one of my all time faves, Fearne Cotton:

9. Found here - Looking serene and sophisticated in her own range for Very
10. Foundhere - Rock Chick
11. Foundhere - Red Carpet Glamour
12. Found here - What a ledge! :)
I think Fearne has great British style, she’s regularly seen sporting band t-shirts, skinny jeans and converse, but also hits headlines in her vintage dresses.  I wish I had her wardrobe.

And finally, I thought I'd show you some of our classic British Bloggers:
13. Sarah of I am Fabulicious is 40s glamour personified.

If you looked up English Rose in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure it would say 'Carrie of Wish Wish Wish'

And Vicki of The Magpie Girl, although not a natural redhead, she certainly lives up to her Irish heritage. 

So, who are your favourite British beauties? And who do you think is the  most influential?

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  1. Love fearn, emma watson and kate moss but alexa chung drives me nuts haha, british beauties? have to be catherine zeta jones :) shes so pretty! xoxx

    1. Catherine Zeta Jones of course, she's a classic! :)


  2. what a great post! I've always though that Brit style is really rock and roll. I love Vivienne Westwood and how us Brits wear a girly dress with a biker jacket. I do think we are quite fearless, Paris fashion week is chic and classic, the Italians are luxurious and NYC is bold and brash. Marina Diamonds is my favourite Brit at the moment, love her style and Paloma Faith x

    1. I can't believe I forgot Paloma Faith, I think she's so great! Thanks so much for your comment, this post took quite a lot of time an effort so really glad you like it :)


  3. What a great round up Caroline. All such stylish ladies (wish we always looked as chic...)

  4. im travelling the states at the moment and i came across your blog. this post makes me miss home so much. our fashion and trends are SO forward in comparison to the USA. great blog!


  5. Really enyoyed reading this post. I actually agree with your french co worker. I always admired British style because you can wear whatever you want nobody will look at you on the street. You have fun, accessories and the British touch is definitely there. I love it! (I am Belgian btw)


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