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Friday, 18 May 2012

ayo clothing- peace, love and skulls

I was recently contacted by Branded Lab and asked if I would be interested in writing a post about a brand called Ayo Clothing, I’ve got to admit I was pretty dubious and not really prepared to write a post about a brand that I not only had never heard of, but knew absolutely nothing about!  I started this blog because fashion in particular is something I’m passionate about, I dedicated posts to both Zara and Dahlia because quite simply, I love their clothes, not because I felt I was going to get anything out of it! 

So I was ready to decline the offer to write about Ayo Clothing…then I saw their Lookbook and oh my I changed my tune!! Ayo Clothing is a Parisian brand (and we all know those Parisians invented style!) with the brains of Pret a Porter’s Creative Director behind it.   The brand is described as ‘A simplified and cleverly modern mix of subversive rock and uncluttered style’, and the designs are centred around skulls, peace signs, and love hearts… and that is where they had me!!

 The promise of the brand is that the clothes are comfortable, think t-shirts, vests and jumpers but with an air of luxury…sourcing soft, high quality fabrics (yes, that means cashmere!!) and most importantly they have edge!  Every aspect of these clothes has been thought about, they’re modern but not outlandish, they have stuck to what they are trying to achieve, which I like, and they have maintained their brands identity. 
One of the elements that most appealed to me about their items is the slight hint of rock chick they have about them.  They’ve gone down the skulls route but have kept it simple, with a mainly black, white and grey palette and an occasional splash of colour, the clothes aren’t just wearable, they’re subtly striking and I predict soon to be highly sought after in the UK…Sarah Harding has already been sporting wearing one of their skull print vests and I could definitely imagine the likes of Daisy Lowe, Kate Moss and Fearne Cotton rushing to get their hands on these.  But with the additional element of luxury they might even be followed by our very own Princess, Kate Middleton?!
I have high hopes for this brand, and I don’t think I’ll be let down.  They’re already big news across Europe, and given a little bit more time, I think everyone will be talking about them in the UK.

So, what do you think? Which is your favourite piece? I’ve got to say, mine is definitely the white skull print vest, and the LOVE one, oh and the union jack designs and, I give up, I can’t choose just one!

If you like this brand as much as me, then you can find more about Ayo Clothing and the UK Stockists here (Keep an eye out for other brands featured  by Richardson & Squibb who are the brains behind bringing this brand to the UK). 

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  1. They are lovely basics, for when you want to look a bit more undone and like you havent tried too much! I love the really beautiful skull one at the bottom, its b lovely tucked into a maxi skirt….when summer finally arrives xxxxx

  2. Available at Miriam Boutique Hampstead London, xxx

  3. Fabulous clothing! Of course, my faves are the skulls! ヅ

    By the way, please stop by our blog soon to check our newest post about skulls and we'd love it more if we can follow each other. ☠

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    Thanks! ヅ


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