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Monday, 7 May 2012

denim shorts outfit post

Top/Necklace: Topshop
Shorts: Warehouse
Belt/Bangles: Primark

Well that's the Bank Holiday weekend over, at least I have a holiday to look forward to in less than three weeks!! Sorry for mentioning it all the time, but I'm SO excited.  My best friend moved over to Corsica last year with her boyf, and we're going across to see her.  I'm looking forward to lots of wine, cheese and fresh fish, oh and of course sun, sea and....sand???

Anyway, back to the outfit, I've had these Warehouse shorts for a while now, but I've always  just worn them as Summer shorts with bare legs and a tan.  I've never rocked the black tights and shorts look before even though I always liked it on other people so this weekend I thought I'd give it a go.  And I'm pleasantly surprised, so much so, I wore them again to go out for drinks last night.  I think I'm now going to buy much more shorts to add to my wardrobe.

Speaking of shopping, so I woke up this morning to find out ASOS had a 24% discount code available for a mere 24 hours!!  I'd had a number of items saved for a while (namely pressies for the boy, whose birthday is in 2 weeks!) and had been waiting for a discount code.  And I am so glad I did! Unfortunately I couldn't use the code on all my items, but at least I got some money off, and then my £150 shopping bill wasn't quite so painful, eek.  I will be showing you some of my goodies in posts soon...

Did anyone else have a splurge with the ASOS discount code??

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  1. I spent like £80 yesterday when there was 24% off, but I tried to console myself in that it only came to £60 odd in the end! I love the colour of your top, and it looks great with your denim shorts. Have a lovely time when you go on holiday :) xx

  2. I love the colour of your top :) Xx

  3. Such a simple look but looks great xx

  4. nice colors and you are sweet :)

  5. Such a cute oufit, looks comfy but also great :) x

  6. Ah, you're so pretty! :) xx

  7. I adore the colour of your top and your side ponytail is so pretty!
    Agh, I always get caught by special discounts and such. Last time a store had free shipping, I ended up spending more than the actual "Spend $70 and shipping's free" point. Haha


  8. There are many different styles of girls shorts on the market. When buying shorts, it is always best if you know in advance exactly what you are looking for as that can make the shopping experience much smoother and faster.


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