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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

i'm with the band

I wasn't going to do a post today, but then I was having my daily peruse of the 'New In' items on ASOS, (yes, I really do mean daily!) and I spotted this t-shirt / dress which got my creative juices flowing.  I decided to put together a kind of 'gig' outfit, although I think it would be perfect festival wear too, what do you reckon?  Unfortunately I'm not actually going to any festivals this year, but putting together an outfit is almost as much fun?! (yeah right!)

  I absolutely adore this dress, and have styled it up how I would plan to wear it...if I had an unlimited bank account and could afford to get all these extra bits to go with it.  I do think I should invest the whole £22 to get this, you can't go wrong at that price.  Oh, and at some point soon I will be getting my hands on those American Apparel the right size.

1. Miss Selfridge Denim Gilet - I'm really into the denim gilets at the moment and this one would give this outfit a cheeky little added something!

2. ASOS Dress with Band Print - only £ will be mine!

3. ASOS Skull & Dipped Spike Collar Necklace - how cool is this necklace? Skulls AND spikes, yes please!

4. ASOS Fine Cross Necklace - in reality, I'd probably this bracelet times about another ten, I can't resist an arm full of bangles.

5. American Apparel High Shine Legging - yes I am still harping on about these, but I neeeeeeed them.

6. ASOS Multipack Plain Band Rings - an outfit like this is screaming out for a ring on every finger type situation!

7. Office Nuff Said Cherry Leather - nuff said! Literally though, with a name like that, what more can I say? Oh, other than that they are cherry red which makes me love them either more!

8. Topshop Black Bowler - I love a hat, I love a bowler hat, I love this outfit with a hat.

 So what do you think? Do you love this dress as much as me? And if so, what would you style it with? I'm now thinking this outfit could do with a scarf....and a Topshop Brighton Rock Lip!!!

all about the girl 

P.S. Believe it or not, this post was NOT sponsored by ASOS, I just have a lot of love for them right now ;)


  1. I love Brighton Rock, best lippy colour ever. Thise would look nice with some orange/coral lips too.
    I just got loads of cheap skull, spikes and cross jewellery from ebay all about £1.50, bargain x


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