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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

marilyn monroe and purple tights outfit post

1. H&M Marilyn Monroe Tee
2. Oasis Grey Cardigan
3. H&M Black Shirt
4. M&S Purple Tights

Check me out and my polite poses in these photos, I'm still finding the whole posing for photos things  kinda awkward, how some of you girls are brave enough to take them outside I do not know! And this is just me and the boy in our bedroom.  Any tips welcome...

Also, coming up with titles for my posts? That's even harder than the poses, so I've just decided to say what it is...much easier!   You can't really tell on these pictures but the tights really are purple.

This was my outfit on Sunday for a wander round the shops then off to the cinema.  The boy and I went to see Dark Shadows, unfortunately we were both very disappointed.  As a big Johnny Depp fan, and having seen the adverts I had a high hopes, but it was really just a big let down.  Sorry, if any of your planning on seeing it but I really wouldn't recommend it.  

I don't really have much to say about this outfit, it's my casual weekend kinda look and I hope you like it...if you don't, well? Too bad, I've already worn it!

Do your outfits differ much during the week from the weekend? 

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  1. I love your top!:) Followed you!:)

  2. such a great top, and you don't look awkward at all! LV x

  3. I struggle with posing as well, do you get someone else to take the photos or use a self timer? I balance my camera on a shelf in my wardrobe with a hair brush in front of it to stop it falling over and use a self timer! It's not easy haha! I hope to get enough confidence to pose in the garden when it's summer as it's such a lovely backdrop but I think my Mum is worse at taking photos then I am!
    Love the top, so cute! And I really want your fringe haha! xxx

  4. Great top, love the jumper in the first picture too! :) my outfits are the same week day to week end :)

    Karys x

  5. Cool tee! In terms of my outfits yes they are probably a bit more laid back at the weekend x

  6. I really like the top. This outfit is super cool and would be awesome for a chill night out!

  7. Your top is lovely!! You look great:) xx


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