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Thursday, 10 May 2012

pearls and lace outfit post

1. River Island Lace Top
2. Gap Legging Jeans
3. Leather Platform Court Shoes - BridalShoesUK

Sorry to disappoint, I bet you thought you were getting underwear photos with a title like that, hey?! I love the idea of having philosophical and exciting title posts but I can just never think of I just stick with plain, boring and straight to the point!

This is what I wore to go out with the boy for 'date night' on Saturday, we went to the cinema and then to Jamie's Italian Restaurant at Westfield.  If you haven't already been I would HIGHLY recommend it (yep, the highly deserved capitalisation!) the food was amazing, it's very reasonably priced and the restaurant had a really lovely and relaxed atmosphere.

So, anyway, less about the food, more about the outfit! This River Island top was a Christmas present from the boy's parents, and it's perfect for me, gotta love a bit of lace, and the detailing down the back is really lovely too. It's been my go-to top since I got it.  I do sometimes wear it with a vest underneath but I don't think it shows it off to it's full potential that way.  And as the boy was taking me out for dinner, I thought I'd repay the favour with a cheeky bit of cleavage, haha!

I'm also wearing the Tutti Frutti Revlon Lip Butter I reviewed here, I literally haven't stopped wearing it since I bought it.  Have any you tried them yet?  And can you recommend any of the other colours, I'm thinking of stocking up!

all about the girl

Oh, if you wondering why the shoes are from a random Bridal Shoes website, this tiny little boutique shop is in the village where my parents live (and I am from!) and I actually bought them for a wedding.  They don't look particularly high on this picture, but they are.  However, they are THE most comfortable heels I have ever owned, I survived 12 hours in them the first time I wore them which I think is pretty good going!  If you are interested, they are now in the sale for £39 and you can see a better picture here.


  1. that shirt is beautiful!! <3


  2. your top is gorgeous! xx

  3. Beautiful top! You look amazing on it ;)

  4. This is such a pretty top. I love Jamie's Italian, especially all the bread! Yum!xx

  5. That shirt is gorgeous - I almost expected it to be vintage! Not sure I'd be as brave as you though - I'd probably always wear a vest underneath lol


  6. Such a gorg top, river island is full of gems! hair looks lovely in those pictures as well :)
    LV x

  7. love your top! i have some pink lace, i think i'm gonna sew one like yous!

  8. the detail on the back of this top is stunning x

  9. Thanks for all the comments peeps, this really is my favourite top at the moment and even more so now :) xx

  10. You look super lovely! I really like our hair! x

  11. Love the lace, you look great!



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