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Sunday, 13 May 2012

weekend wishlist #8

So I'm keeping my weekend wishlist short and sweet this week.  Normally, I just list all the things I'd quite like to have in my wardrobe, in fact I think the only thing I've bought so far that I actually featured in a wishlist was a Revlon Lip Butter and the ASOS maxi skirt I featured here.  I actually ended up sending that back because it was nothing like it looked in the picture...very disappointing :(   

So, this week these are the items I actually intend to some point in the nearish future.  

1.  I tried this dress on today and loved the back of it (hence why I included the picture!) it's really unusual but a lovely feature.  I just wasn't totally convinced by the colour, it's slightly more mustardy/greeny/dark yellow than these pictures show it as and I'm just not sure I have the right skin tone for it.  However, I asked the shop assistant and she said they may get it in soon in other colours, so fingers crossed.  What do you guys think of this colour?  All comments welcome.
2.  If you didn't see this post on the quest for the perfect summer wedge, then why not? (only joking!) But anyway, I've decided I'm going to take the plunge and buy these.  They are the lucky ones.
3.  So I wanted these leggings after seeing Lily wearing them a lot, and then Kat from JemimaandTed mentioned she'd got them and loved them so then I had to get them!!!  I actually bought them last week as part of my ASOS haul, but I got a large (sz12) and they were just too big - baggy on the knees, so I'm gonna go try them on in the smaller size.  Definitely think they're going to be a regular feature in outfit posts though so sorry in advance, haha!

What's on your wishlist this week?  Feel free to send links my way and tempt me with beautiful things :)

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  1. im a huge Joy fan.. the dress is gorgeous!!

  2. The back of that dress is amazing, and what a gorgeous colour! x

  3. That dress is beautiful, I know what you mean about the colour though, I'm never too sure about yellow, especially with blonde hair!

    As for wedges, everyone needs at least one great pair for summer, so comfy and practical but pretty too :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at! :)

  4. yellow always makes me happy! i'm sure it looks lovely on. i have a lovely yellow top but it went green because i accidentally washed it with my jeans :-(

  5. oooh the back of the yellow dress is lovely!


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