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Thursday, 21 June 2012

dahlia dresses and a straw hat outfit post

Believe it or not we actually have some sun in London this week, yes actual sun, not rain, and a very nice surprise it is too.  On Sunday I promised the boy that I would take him out for Sunday lunch and as the weather was so nice I decided to use it as an excuse to dress up a bit, like when you're a kid and expected to wear your Sunday best!  

So as you know I regularly harp on about Dahlia, one of my absolute favourite brands who describe their style as 'modern British, fabulous fabrics with bespoke detailing' and this dress sums that up to a tee.  Everything about it is just perfect, from the print, to the shape, to the buttons on the waist, and I like to think it was made for me.  It regularly gets complimented, in fact, when wearing this on Sunday a girl on the street (that I didn't know!) said how much she liked it, and I can wear it all year round - as styled here in Summer, and with black tights in Winter.  The dress also has a really cute cut-out back but I forgot to get a photo of that - doh!
Dress - Dahlia
Shoes - Office
Hat - H&M
Bracelets - Topshop (birthday presents, yay!)

I love a hat, and I haven't had chance to wear this one since I got home from my hols, so I threw it on on Sunday to make the most of this weather.  I also rocked out my Office heels...again, and I was good to go.  Looking at these pictures though, I wish I'd slapped an extra coat of fake tan on my legs before I left the house, my holiday tan is no more, sad times :(

I hope you all are managing to make the most of the sun while it's here?! Floral dresses at the ready...

all about the girl

P.S. I did not get sponsored to write this post, I just really LOVE their clothes...also, they have a sale on right now, a really good one, I suggest you check you out before I buy the lot!


  1. Lovely outfit of the day! I really like Dahlia clothes but I'm always a little put off by the price. That, and the fact that the few dresses I've looked at have been hand wash, and I'm too lazy for that! They do make gorgeous clothes though :). xXx

  2. Really nice dress and hat looks great on you!

  3. beautiful dress! and great blog :D

  4. You really suit the hat and i love the dress, the print is really pretty. And its always a bonus if you find a multio seasonal dress….a gem!!!

    Sal x

  5. love the hat, and the dress is gorgeous :)


  6. Love your style - that hat is so cute!


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