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Monday, 4 June 2012

holiday snaps and outfit posts

I'm back from my hols but not quite back to reality.  As yesterday was my birthday and I spent most of the day in either a plane, a car, or a traffic jam (!) I'm celebrating today with a Jubilee buffet and drinks at the pub.  But I thought I'd get up early to write this post and show you all some of my holiday snaps.

I had an amazing week, and can't recommend Corsica enough, especially if you want to go somewhere that hasn't yet been targeted by Brits aboard, no McDonalds, no Starbucks and no street full of bars with free fishbowls!! The weather was perfect, and the beaches are really beautiful.  So, apologies in advance but it's going to be a pretty heavy picture post!

Firstly, a few holiday shots to give you a sneak peek into my week away:

Couldn't resist putting a couple of my boy in as he usually doesn't get a look in on this blog!! 

Corsica is a mix of mountains, forest, beaches and harbours, with great food (look at that pudding!) and lovely people, although they don't speak much English so if you're thinking of going make sure you take a phrase book with you.

And now for a couple of outfit shots, I didn't manage to get photos from every outfit but thought these few would do :)

 1. Top - River Island 2. Skirt - Topshop 3. Shoes - Office
This top was an early birthday present, I'd seen it in the shop a few times but wasn't sure about it as it was cropped, so when I opened it I figured I just wear it with another vest underneath.  But when I was on holiday I realised that if I teamed it with a high waisted skirt I wouldn't need to wear it with anything else, and voila!
1. Vest - Warehouse 2. Skirt - Topshop
Another early birthday present from the parents (I was allowed to open them early so I could take them on holiday!), this skirt is from Topshop and I was really unsure about it when I opened it, but it's really grown on me.  And how on trend is my mum? Pastels, pleats AND asymmetric, I think she knows more about fashion than me!! 
You'll notice I'm wearing my new heels from Office that I mentioned here and honestly they are the comfiest heels I have ever owned! I wore them one evening when we walked for about 40 mins and my feet were fine - amazeballs!

1. Dress - Warehouse
And last but not least, the maxi dress.  I wore this on our final evening out and for what was technically my birthday meal.  We went to a restaurant with an English chef who had a Michelin star when he worked over here.  It was only 30 Euros for a three course meal, and probably the best (poshest!) food I have ever eaten.
This dress was bought in the Warehouse sale last Summer for a friends wedding and this was only the second time I'd had chance to wear it.  I love how glam you feel in a maxi dress and this one is no exception.  I wore it with the Office heels (again!) and it was a perfect outfit for the end of my hol.

So there you go! That's my holiday in a nutshell, I hope it wasn't too boring for you! If you want to know anything more about my holiday let me know, or if you're thinking about heading to Corsica then I can definitely make some recommendations.

And I still have two days off work!! What are you plans for the long bank holiday?

all about the girl

Oh, I almost forget - I need to say a massive thank you to Elena from Love212, she blog sat for me while I was away, tweeting and posting my link and I can't thank her enough :) She was amazing! If you are going on holiday and want someone to do this for you then definitely get in touch with Elena - she has more info on her blog! 


  1. Great photos and post. Liz is back from her hold today and has taken hundred of photos by the sounds of it. It makes me want to go away now. Got to wait until August xx Tracey xt

  2. all these outfits are gorge

  3. Love the first pic, that pink skirt is gorgeous x

  4. Aww you hols sound lovely, really chilled! And the pics are beautiful too. Have a nice day today!!!xxx

  5. Love the pastel skirt!!

    Happy to be your newest follower! Can't wait to catch up on your posts!

    Found you through the #bbloggers tag :)

    xo, Jersey Girl

  6. Happy belated birthday! I love all your outfits especially the Warehouse dress!! The pictures look great xx

  7. great post!



  8. Thanks for your comments guys, I had a great holiday and so depressed to be sat back at work at my desk right now :(

  9. your holiday pictures are lovely! and oh my that dessert looks amazing! xxx

  10. That dress is AMAZING. Wish I knew what to type into ebay to bring that baby up! x

  11. very nice pictures - very nice outfits - it is very nice girly blog :)


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