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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

soap and glory - make up

It's been way too long since I last did a review post, so I decide to resurrect them with the Soap and Glory make up I got for my birthday.  I know a lot of people love the Soap and Glory bath and skincare products, myself included but this was the first time I had tried their make up.  The products were a present from sister, who knows I am fully stocked up with Soap and Glory shower gel, moisturiser, exfoiliater so I was really excited when I opened the present and it was there make up range, I'd been dying to try it for a while but knowing how good they were at bath and bubbles, I was dubious about the make up.
So, here we go:

This is perfect for the smokey eye look, it's a very soft pencil so rather than giving a defined line it gives a soft, smudgey look.  Now as you know (or may not know!) I don't leave the house without a sweep of black eyeliner on my top eye lid but the pencil I was given is actually brown, which encouraged me to experiment a bit with a more natural liner, than the severe look I usually go for.  And it's really encouraged me to wear my make up like this more often!
Apparently, it's also waterproof, now I haven't cried or stood in the rain to test it, but I can confirm that it lasts all day, and doesn't give you panda eyes! My only criticism (although it's not really) is that it you definitely couldn't achieve a strong, bold line with this, but it doesn't claim to do that, it's a 'smoulder' kohl after all.

If you like Benefit Bad Gal, then you'll love this.  It's got a big, fat brush, I personally prefer a small, finer brush but that's just my preference rather than a negative point of this mascara.  It really coats your lashes, and makes them look long and very full.  The brush angles very slightly which also helps with application, and the colour is a strong, matte black.  For £10, I think it's a good buy!

I love a lip plumper, and this is by far the best I've ever used.  Yep, your lips tingle, like, really really tingle so be warned, but once you've overcome that then I believe it genuinely makes your lips look fuller.  Now, it may just be one of those tricks in that you just pout when your lips tingle, or the colour makes light shine at a different again, making your lips look plumper, but whatever it works! Now, I tried my hardest to take this pictures below without pouting and at the same size to show off this product, but I know they're not quite perfect so you'll just have to take my word for works!
Have you tried an of the other products, can you recommend any? I've definitely got my eye on the eyeliner pen!

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  1. The lipgloss colour is sooo pretty! xx

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  2. You have beautiful eyes and the lipgloss looks fab - I definitely need to try this makeup.


  3. I didn't know that soap and glory did make-up! I have only tried a couple of their products and do quite like them, can't wait to check out their make up range. I think the brown eyeliner looks gorgeous on you!

  4. Oh my gosh I can see a massive difference in your lips! I really want to try it now but I'm so much of a an of tingling lips haha.

    Daisie x

  5. Love the color - thank you for the review! Informative as always :)

  6. These products all look great! :)

  7. I love soap & glory! I haven't seen the eyeliner or mascara in stores here (maybe I just didn't notice it?) But I am addicted to their hand cream and body butter, and also have a mask and the foot thing, and I have Sexy Mother Pucker too and love it! :)

  8. I really love Physician's Formula eyeliner marker. Works great and lasts all day. :)

  9. Wow that sexy mother pucker made a great difference! Looks fab! I'm following you on here now! :) xx

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