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Friday, 13 July 2012

all about edie sedgwick - gone but not forgotten

Last week, a fellow blogger (more to come on her soon) told me that my black and white outfit post reminded her of Edie Sedgwick, this was literally the biggest compliment I have ever been given! Edie Sedgwick is my style idol, so I thought I’d dedicate a post to her.
So what is it about Edie that is so iconic?  She was definitely unique, you wouldn’t describe her as conventionally beautiful, but when she hit New York in 1965 all eyes were on her.  Her signature look was so minimal (almost always black and white), but it became defined with the addition of her bouffant blonde hair, heavy eyeliner and big earrings.  She was such a vulnerable character which you can see reflected in her outfits (the tights and leotards, a haunting reminder of childhood) but over forty years later she still remains a fashion icon.
People often say that Edie’s fame was short lived, her friendship with Andy Warhol quickly turned sour, and she died aged only 28.  But if you google her name, you still get over 1 million hits and you can’t deny the impact she has had on fashion.   You just have to look at Twiggy, one of the biggest supermodels of all time to see the similarities, cropped hair and over the top kohled eyes? That’s surely not just a coincidence.
I could watch the film Factory Girl on repeat, Sienna Miller is perfect as Edie, and gained herself critical acclaim for the role.  Although the film itself was criticised and Bob Dylan threatened to sue, I could watch it for the fashion alone, that backless dress and the fur coats could keep me fascinated for another 40 years.

And only just this week Topshop have launched their FactoryGirl collection, of which I want nearly all the pieces, how perfect is this Boucle jacket and the matching shorts?

Now if I thought I could get away with it, I’d have my hair cut short and release my inner mod, but with these ears? I don’t think so.  And next time there isn’t a Trend in Trial in Stylist, I might just give the Edie eye liner a go!

And as promised, I said I'd mention the lovely blogger who inspired this post was Sally from Sallytangle...  one of my new favourite bloggers, go and check her out!!  Her blog is lovely, quite little pictures with just a glimpse into her life, plus she lives in Carlisle (I'm not biased at all, promise!)

So whose your style icon?!  I'd love to hear, then I might dedicate a few more posts to them.

all about the girl


  1. eddie sedgewick is gorgeous, a real beauty at the time as well as twiggy,
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. I love Edie Sedgwick's stlye. It's literally 'iconic'. I prefer Edie to Twiggy :)
    Daniella x

  3. :) :) Bless you!!!! Aw this post made me smile!!!!!! I have thought it for a while, i am glad it made you smile!!!! I didnt really know too much about her, so this post was fab. Plus loved the pics too, and who doesnt love Factory Girl?!?!

    Have a fab weekend my dear xxxxxx


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