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Thursday, 5 July 2012

dirty works blemish buster

In my humble opinion there is no greater feeling than just exfoliated skin, ok, so that's a bit of an exaggeration, there are a few better things...someone cooking you a bacon sandwich when you're hungover, finding the perfect dress, knowing you don't have to get up on a Saturday morning, Christmas Day!! So you get the picture, but in terms of beauty regimes, you can't beat a good scrub!!

I was pretty excited when I saw this Dirty Works exfoliater had dropped through my letterbox, and it couldn't have come at a better time.  After a week of late nights, bad diet and one too many glasses of wine my skin had gone into breakout overload.  Although generally (touch wood!) my skin is much better than it used to be when I was a student, and I rarely get many spots these days, but as soon as I party a bit too hard, I definitely know about it!

I hadn't heard of Dirty Works until I was kindly sent this product, and first impressions were good.  The packaging is really cute, and appeals to my girly seems they are to Sainsbury's what Soap and Glory is to Boots!  I've got to admit, Sainsbury's wouldn't be the first place I'd think to buy my beauty products, and I don't live near a big store anyway, but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for Dirty Works from now.  I might even have to place a cheeky online order after spotting their prices (the Blemish Buster is currently only £2.99 - bargain).

So, anyway, before I get too carried away talking about the aesthetics, what did I really think of the product? Well, I genuinely haven't got a bad word to say.  Right now, I'm sitting here really trying to think of one, but I can't.  

WARNING - Rave review coming up! The Dirty Works 2-in-1 Scrub + Mask* is amazing, honestly!! And, it's not just a scrub, it's a face mask too!!! (yes, three exclamation marks were necessary).  

Firstly, I rarely digress from St. Ives Apricot Scrub, but I think I may be a convert.  This scrub is gentle, but does the trick.  I normally use a good scrub once a week, but this product is gentle enough for every day use.  And when you're paranoid about your skin (that spot taking over your whole face!) you really want to feel like you're targeting the problem every day..not once a week.  Don't get me wrong, it's not an instant fix to get rid of acne, but it doesn't claim to be, it's intended for regular use.

Now for the best bit, it really is a face mask too.  As a beauty blogger, you'd think I'd be a regular face mask-erer but I haven't worn one since I was a teenager at a sleepover, so I was pretty excited about using this.  I did try to take a photo of me in all my naked face glory avec face mask, but the picture was not pretty so I very kindly chose not to share it with you!  You leave the product on for 5 minutes, and get the usual 'can't move my face' response.  I even sat in front of the mirror for the whole time getting amused at the way my face wrinkled when I frowned...I recommend you try it, it's like seeing yourself in 50 years time! Anyway, afterwards my face felt fresh, smooth and yes, I'm going to say it...glowing, I glowed all the way to bed, and woke up still quite glow-ey.  (If you're still reading this, you deserve a medal).

So as you can tell this product gets a BIG thumbs up from me.  And just for the record, it smells really good too.
By the way, sorry for the poor quality photos, I'm rubbish and the boy wasn't around to help :(

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  1. great post! i can't use that st ives one, so if this is more gentle yet effective, i might give it a shot!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. check out my new giveaway!

  2. I've been looking for one - glad to have found your wonderful blog !! x

    sending you happy spells


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