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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

i feel pretty, oh so pretty

So if you haven’t already noticed but my blog has had a little makeover, well quite a big makeover actually.  After a whole 4 months of blogging I realised I didn’t like my design, my layout, my font choice…you get the picture.  

And I wouldn’t call myself a technophobe, in fact I get quite excited when I learn a new excel formula at work (don’t tell anyone I said that!) but when it comes to design and html, I’m about as much use as a chocolate teapot. 

After seeing the great job that she did on Sally’s blog, I enlisted the help of the lovely Jen from Jenny and the Magic Feather (yes, the fact that she is also from the great border city too did sway my decision, my hey my blog, my way!) and am I glad I did.  Just look what she’s done to it.

Now I’m sure I was a pretty annoying customer, firstly the only idea I gave her was this picture:

Yep, a Campervan, that was the colour scheme I wanted.  Secondly, I asked her to change it three times, and then went back to the original design….talk about fussy, but we got there in the end and I honestly don’t think it could be more perfect.  She’s stuck to my colour scheme but added a much edgier feel (I LOVE the black roses) and she has completely encapsulated my personality and style.

So what I am trying to say is...THANK YOU JEN! You have done an Ah-may-zing job, and I love it.  I now feel like a proper blogger with a grown up blog :)

And I hope you lovely lot like it as much as me :)

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  1. love your new blog layout it looks really fresh and pretty x

  2. Aww your post made me laugh!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! So so lovely. Damnt that woman is a genuis!!!!! xxx

  3. Design is simply lush! And its so strange how much design can change the way we feel about our blogs xx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool
    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  4. I love your new layout! I'm also in the process of having a new one designed. It's amazing how disheartening blogging can become when you just don't like the look of your blog - I'm also useless with HTML, design, etc etc etc :) x

  5. I never got to see the old layout, but this one is just lovely !! Funny how they turned that picture of a CAR into such a beaut layout haha. ,, new follwer would love it if you checked it out ! New follower btw xx

  6. i love the layout alot! I think its cute especially the hello logo!!And the idea of you and just the campervan its too funny. i will get annoyed too but funny haha! xxx

  7. The new blog looks amazing - Only been blogging for about 6 weeks so might have a crack at changing mine in a few weeks.
    The camper van was ace!
    Would it be ok to add your badge to my blog page?


  8. I really, REALLY love it.. I think I may enlist her help with mine too! Hey, us Carlisle girls have to stick together. Ha.



  9. This new layout looks amazing! <3
    If you have a free moment I would so appreciate if you could check out my new post!

    The Urban Umbrella

  10. Loving the new layout, and how you used a picture of a VW campavan as inspiration!
    Daniella x

  11. it looks awesome! great job!


  12. The new layout is beeeeaaauuuuuuutiful!

    Good job, Jen :D xo

  13. Hi! Wow what a lovely post and comments! Thanks so much!

    And Caroline, do not worry I am totally the same, you have to check all options before being sure you love the first ;D and I actually kept a Figaro on the desk top as inspiration, used the colours straight from it too! Just like taking a photo to the hairdressers really (which I totally always do!) to don't knock the photo :D

    Have fun with your shiny new blog! And once again, you're very welcome!!

    Jen xxx

  14. I just came across your blog and the banner immediately caught my eye! I love it!
    I think I'm going to contact Jenny! I'm also really bad with this web stuff.
    Love your blog!

    Your newest follower

  15. I live your new blog layout, looks really good - much improved! :)

  16. Love the new design, it looks great :-) x

  17. Love the new design!! ^^

  18. your blog looks amazing! i love the colours and the picture on the sidebar - lovely :)xo


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