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Saturday, 7 July 2012

stylist's trend on trial, trialled: a simple low ponytail

I definitely did the little happy dance when I read what this week's trend was finally something easy, I wasn't going to be spending my Saturday morning trying to perfect a ridiculously bright lipstick, or a crazy double eyeliner, only to wipe it all off before I continued with my day! If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I quite regularly rock a low ponytail, you can see it here and here if you're really interested! Although as you can see, I wouldn't describe it as sleek and charming, more of a haphazard mess, but hey I like it, and I think it suits me.

But I started the Trend on Trials to get myself out of my comfort zone, so I decided it was only fair to my lovely readers to stick to the trend and attempt to make it a more reserved and demure look as demonstrated by the Derek Lam models.
I was in agreement with Joanna, low ponytails do remind me of school days, I think for a full year as an awkward teenager I wore my fringe pinned up by three slides, and my hair tied at the nape of my neck with a hair band (ruffle we used to call it!) covered in smiley faces...yes, I was THAT cool!! Seriously, what was I thinking? My mum always tells me my ears stick out too, so that hair style can't have done anything to conceal those!

However, I put the childhood worries behind me and hoped I resembled that of a model (yeah right!) and set to, starting with a side parting...something I'm not used to!  I knew my fringe wasn't going to help with the sleek look, but there wasn't much I could do with that, plus I wasn't prepared to grease it to the side of my head...I am going out today! 

So what did I think? It was difficult for me to not start pulling tendrils of hair out to frame my face and soften the look. I don't feel at all comfortable with my hair like this, it's too severe, even with my heavy fringe, I'm convinced it's emphasising my ears and I'm paranoid that I look like a boy.  The verdict? I will never be leaving my house with a 'simple' low ponytail again.  And to show you just how unimpressed I am with it...
But more importantly, what do you think? Are any of you regular low ponytail wearers?  On the plus side, I'm wearing my cerise lipstick again that I trialled here in my last trend on trial, so they aren't all bad :) And, when I took my hair down it was looking very smooth and sleek.

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  2. hey, i wear low pony tails all the time, this post has made me realise theres no shame in it! You should wear your hair like that, you dont look like a school girl. xo
    Maybe if you have time check out our blog?

  3. This post really made me laugh!!! I am with you completely, i cannot pull off sleek and groomed no matter how hard i try. I think my hair looks better a little scuffed up and slept in. Plus i spent my teens straightening the life out of my already pretty straight hair, as you do, and so i try to not pull and tug it around as much now.

    My goto hair style is always a scruffy top knot, or a plait, but i have been trying a pony tail for a little bit now, and even tho i pull bits out and make it a little messy, i still don't like it!!!lol.

    I forgot my point……, but i love this post!!!!!!

  4. hehe i love it! looks good on you! :) it indeed reminds me of my younger school days! and it's very laid back and has a nice youthful appeal to it.

    i find it funny how people who have ears that stick out (yours does not stick out that much!) complain about their ears but i who have ears that don't stick out much at all which my ears stuck out a bit more LOL. i wanna see my earrings!!!! haha XD

    alex @

  5. i feel the same with this! with having a fringe i'm paranoid it'll make my ears look big or make me look a bit boyish! it's such a shame as it's a beautiful look

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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