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Sunday, 8 July 2012

weekend wishlist #13 - and my giveaway winner!

First things first, the very exciting winners of my giveaway need to be announced! I had 286 entries in total which I thought was pretty amazing, but then it is a great prize...!  And you've all chosen great items which is just making me want to go and spend more money on  So anyway, drum roll please... a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the winners are Aiimee (Amiieelicious) and Jessica (obsessedaboutbeautyandfashion), you have both won a £50 voucher for, CONGRATS! If you could just drop me an email please and I will send you your voucher code. 

And now for my wishlist:

1. I was so happy when I saw Zara Taylor had started featuring clothes on her blog, I saw that she'd posted this dress on Facebook and I immediately fell in love with it.  
2. I couldn't post this week's wishlist without an item from the new Dahlia range, you all know how much I love their stuff and of course this shirt is another item I'm lusting after, along with just about everything else in their collection.
3.  I already own a couple of pairs of Converse but they're starting to look pretty shabby, and I've always gone for the plain and simple white.  This burgundy pair are a great colour, and unintentionally fit in with the theme of this's meant to be!
4.  This top has a similar back to my Warehouse top I featured in this post, I love the print and the 60s feel of this blouse, yes please.
5.  I know, I know, so unpredictable, every other blogger seems to be posting about Disco Pants at the moment, but there is something about them that is just so appealing.  I'm about 99% convinced that I would look horrific in them, which is why I've never been prepared to splash out the £70 for the AA ones, but these dupes could be tempting.
6. Hedgehogs, on a jumper? 
7. After seeing the beautiful Becca in this skirt, I really really want it, I love the soft dusky pink, but the black waistband gives it a bit of an edgier feel.  Maybe if I ask Becca nicely she'll let me borrow it?

So what's on your wishlist this week?  I actually have some money left over from my birthday that I've been holding onto so please send me suggestions on what you think I should spend it on :)

all about the girl


  1. I love all these things! Soo pretty! <3

  2. That first dress is so perfect, I wonder if I can find it in the US?

  3. Aww wow, congrats to the winners!
    Ahh, so many lovely pieces on your wishlist; that hedgehog jumper is adorable! xx

  4. All of these things are so cute!

    Fashions on Top

  5. Well done to the winners, slightly jealous! :)
    The Dahlia shirt is gorgeous, I love it!
    Mel x

  6. I love everything on your wish list ! ahh wish I could buy it all! xoxo

  7. Love the pink maxi skirt :-)


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