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Sunday, 29 July 2012

weekend wishlist #15 - co-ords

At the tender age of 11 I watched Clueless for the first time, it was the first of many viewings and still to this day I wish I could rock knee high socks like Cher.  

My fixation with her wardrobe became clear when my Year 6 primary school teacher gave us a task in which we were given an outline of ourselves, and we had to dress it using various different pieces of material.  I'd love to know what my teacher thought when I rocked up with my pink tweed mini skirt, matching blazer and black over the knee socks.  

So, I was pretty pleased when I found out that 'co-ordinates' were hitting the high street, I can finally relive my childhood dream! And here are just a handful of my favourites in the shops at the moment:

I love the Mango and Topshop sets, they are exactly what I had in mind the day I re-created my 'Cher' look, and the River Island set is perfect if you aren't quite prepared to go for quite so extreme.  And of course, not forgetting the Factory Girl set I featured in my last wishlist.  

Now if one of you could just give me the money then I can treat myself because it's not quite top of my list of essentials at the moment.  I'd love to know if you've seen anymore anywhere too, that perhaps won't blow the budget quite so much.

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  1. Aww that story is so cute! I love the Top Shop co-rds :D


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