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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

beauty and the beach - travel supermarket competition

You may have noticed I love a good competition, unfortunately I don't seem to win them as often as I'd like. In fact, I think I've won three competition's in my whole life (two of those being since I started blogging, and the third, a packet of four pencils I won aged five!), when bearing in mind I probably enter about three a week, I'm not really getting a good return!  

Anyway, Travel Supermarket are currently hosting a competition to win prizes of £500 AND £1000 to spend on their next holiday.  As the boy and I are currently planning a trip to Thailand then a prize like that would really come in handy.  

The Challenge? To create a 'Beauty and the Beach' post by showing off your best holiday makeup, hair and nails.  You didn't have to create all three, but I don't like to do things by half!

For me, holiday's mean I can go brighter, bolder and...bronzer (?) than I might normally choose to, so of course, bring on the colour!! 

(Please excuse my dirty finger!!)

So let's start with the nails, what better colour to rock on holiday than coral, and you've got the tan to go with it which always makes everything look better! And because I love a good theme, coral...something you often find on holiday, and it works so well with other holiday colours, yellow, turquoise, you get the picture!

I choose L'Oreal's Colour Riche in Dating Coral for this look.  And we all know a holiday romance brightens up the dullest of days, so what better choice than that with 'Dating' in the name.  Slightly off topic, but I've got to tell you the conversation I overheard while buying this nail varnish, a girl was looking at the nail varnishes when her boyfriend wanders over and starts taking an interest, he then said 'I really like those, can I chose a colour for you?', I was amazed, why does my boy never take an interest in the colour of my nail varnish???

Anyway, I kept the nails simple, I don't want to spend two hours producing the perfect nail on holiday when I could be out there sipping cocktails that match.  I also find nail varnishes chips really quickly on holiday, with the sea and sand getting at it, so two coats of this and a quick top coat and I'm done. 


Next up, it's make up! As a classic black eyeliner and a pink cheek kinda gal, I always up my anti when it comes to holidays.  I become my alter ego, I want bright, golden and sometimes even a little bit of sparkle.  So far removed from my normal day to day look.  I don't know what it is about holidays, maybe it's because you're more relaxed, or maybe because you know you're not going to bump into anyone you know?! 

Believe it or not, I've got a good 6 or 7 layers of bronzer on in these pictures, but when you start a milk bottle white it's not an easy look to achieve.  Obviously, you've got to assume I've got a beautiful golden tan as I'm on my jollies...and I do actually tan quite well for a white-y.  

I'm going to blame the boy now for not quite capturing the look I was trying to achieve, so I'll have to describe it instead.  As well as golden tan, I've gone for a touch of highlighter across my cheekbone, and a bold gold eyeshadow.  If you can't have a bit of bling on holiday, then when can you?! When I'm pastey skinned in England, I'm not always sure I can pull off gold, so when in Rome, shall we say...

And of course, lashings of mascara, you've got to make your eyes pop.  And not wanting to lose my black eyeliner, I threw that on there too.  

And finally the lips, I told you I like to go bold on holiday!  I've had MAC's 'Morange' lipstick for a while now, but again it's hard to pull off when your skin is looking a bit lack lustre.  And I just feel a bit too self conscious in it on a normal bleak London day!  So of course, it's my 'holiday' lip look of choice.  Topped with a bit of Revlon 'Tutti Frutti' Lip Butter to make it shine rather than be matte, I think it's a great way to finish the look.  Orange and gold? It's bold, but I like it!


And last but not least, the hair!  If you saw this post earlier in the year, I re-created a relaxed holiday up-do.  This hair look is perfect for an on the beach to evening look, but for today's challenge I wanted to create my night-time do!

One thing I don't enjoy on holiday is spending hours blow-drying my hair to perfection, it's too hot and usually ends up frizzy and frazzled looking as soon as I step outside anyway.  Instead, I want that natural beach wave look.  

I love the way my hair dries when I've been in the sea and left it to it's own devices, so that's what I wanted to re-create.  I always like to imagine myself as a real beach, surfer type babe too, and we all know they don't rock super straight hair.

I used Charles Worthington's Salt Spray all over my hair when it was damp, and left it to dry naturally (with the exception of my fringe which always needs styled!).  The salt spray helps my hair form natural relaxed waves, so it's an easy look to achieve.  You can let it do it's work while sitting on the balcony with a Pina Colada in hand.  

You can't really see in these pictures (again, the boy's fault!) but I took a few strands of hair and plaited fine, thin plaits which I left untied at the bottom.  There's a about 4 or 5 throughout my hair.  This adds a bit of texture, interest and style.

And finally, I added the bold sunflower hairband.  Again, not something I'd wear dans L'Angleterre but on holiday when anything goes, this comes out.  It looks great with the orange lip, and the gold eyeshadow and it adds a certain hippy/beachy edge.


So that's it, what do you think? Do you think I've achieved the perfect beauty and the beach look? It might not be to everyone's taste but I like it, it's a step away from my usual look and it's what holidays are all about, fun, sun and a little bit naughty!

Ooh, and to finish I have to tag five beauty blogging pals that I think might want to give this a go to, sorry for the late notice girls...

Lisa from Topaz and May
Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter
Kat from Jemima and Ted

all about the girl

P.S. How long is this post? Wow! I think I should win just for the length of my ramblings.


  1. woohoo, i hope you will be in so much luck and get to go to the trip to Thailand! love this look, so alluring. I guess some boys don't care about nail colors or any other tiny details lol. have a lovely day!

    p,s really badly hope u can win,do we have to vote or anything?cos me myself don't ever win anything :( maybe ill check it out heh x

  2. ah the nails & the lippy are sooo pretty! x

  3. You look really beautiful in these pictures!!! Fingers crossed for you xxxxx

  4. love this post and the nail colour is gorgeous. I always find my nail varnish chips more on holiday - in fact whenever im at the beach it seems to just disappear. I live in Cyprus and have been searching all summer long for a top coat with staying power. If you stumble across one please share. :)

  5. ohhwoow you are so pretty! you look like a beautiful doll (in a good way :) )
    your blog layout looks very cute too!

    Jenny /

  6. You look so lovely with the sunflowers in your hair :)

  7. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back? xx

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