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Friday, 28 September 2012

breast cancer awareness - october

Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I wanted to write this post in the hope that I make even just a few more people aware than were before.

Breast cancer is something that is close to my heart, I never met my dad's mum (my grandma) because she died from breast cancer aged only 36, my dad was just 6! And I'm sure I know I'm not the only one who has been affected by the disease.  Unbelievably. almost 50,000 people a year (in the UK alone) are diagnosed with this type of cancer, and although the statistics for survival are getting better and better, the disease is still very much prevalent and affecting thousands of people every day.

I don't want to drown you with figures, sad stories (or even happy stories too!) I just want to let you all know that we can do something to help.  I was sent these great little beauty bits that are going on sale in Morrisons and Asda at the end of this month, and at only £0.99 for the nail files, and £2.49 for the tweezers it's not breaking the bank.  And the company behind these little beauties (QVS) are donating £5000 to Breast Cancer Care.

QVS Square Tip Tweezers*
QVS Nail Shapers* 

It's a really simply, and easy way to know you've done something that can help make a difference, and because I don't want you all to feel I'm writing this post off the back of some 'freebies', I'm going to head over to the Breast Cancer Care site and buy one of the other amazing products that are on offer!

Even if I've just inspired one of you to make a donation, that will make me one happy little blogger :)

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  1. nails inc - pinkie pink is donating a pound from each polish. its a glitter pink :)


  2. what a fabulous post!!! its very important to be aware and use early detection! thank you for sharing!

  3. A cause I totally support,

    I've been buying up Asdas stocks of Tickled Pink products.

  4. Breast cancer is one of dangerous disease among the women.Your information is really helpful for the women.Thank you for giving such a valuable information.
    Regards:cancer treatment india


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