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Monday, 3 September 2012

money supermarket - passion for fashion competition

Money Supermarket are currently holding a competition for bloggers who have a 'passion for fashion' to create 5 different autumn/winter outfits, each under £200.  The first prize is an amazing £1000 and an Ipad (oh em gee) and another 5 runners up will win £200 each.  

I love a good challenge and this seemed right up my street, getting to put outfits's like my dream job!

So here we go, if you're not entering then keep your fingers crossed for me, and if you are then good luck, and you can find all the details here.


1. Jacket - Topshop - £48
2. Leggings - Missguided - £9.99
3. Bag - Zara - £39.99
4. Trainers - Converse via Office - £42.99
5. Scarf - Miss Selfridge - £14
6. Top - Glamorous UK - £22.99
7. Watch - ASOS - £20
TOTAL - £197.96

For me, casual is all about comfort, so I want something I can wear to go shopping, to have girly chats, and to slob on the sofa in but still I still look like I've actually made an effort.  I knew immediately I wanted to include leggings and Converse trainers in this look, these are two of my go-to items.  
Army and khaki prints are everywhere this season, so of course I had to include this Topshop jacket, at £48 it's affordable, stylish and perfect for Autumn with just a tee underneath, but big enough to be teamed with a cardigan or jumper on those cold Winter days.
Studs and crosses are again big this season, so keeping in theme I selected these cross print leggings and studded t-shirt.  Both items could be dressed up for the right occasion, but with the jacket and trainers kept this look casual.
I added the scarf, for warmth as well as style.  The watch to make it pretty, and the classic bowler bag to shove all your essentials in!

1. Dress - ASOS - £36
2. Shoes - Dune - £90
3. Necklace - Accessorize - £12
4. Clutch - New Look - £19.99
5. Belt - ASOS - £15
6. Lipstick - MAC - £14
7. Bracelets - Forever21 - £5.65
TOTAL - £192.64

Without wanting to sound like an old grandma, I rarely have occasions to dress up like this anymore (my partying days are few and far between!) so I loved putting this outfit together, I may even re-create it for my Christmas party this year.
I chose the dress first, in keeping with Autumn/Winter I chose this season's burgundy.  I love this colour anyway, but it's particularly lovely in this outfit with a cosy fur coat (I really am a grandma!) and it'll work right through the party season. And at £36 it's an absolute bargain, and it meant I could splash out on my accessories.
And how I did splash out, on the shoes at £90 (eek, I know), but at the grand old age of 27 I've now realised the importance of paying for good shoes, my feet have been battered too many times.  These black studded heels are the perfect compliment to this dress and a nod to the studded trend of the moment. 
And to tie it all together, I added gold, gold and a bit more gold.  It's a party outfit after all.
With a sweep of deep burgundy lipstick to go with the dress, I think I'm ready for the ball.

1. Watch - River Island - £15
2. Bag - Aldo - £45
3. Blouse - Asos - £22.99
4. Skirt - Urban Outfitters - £35
5. Boucle Jacket - Topshop - £30
6. Brogues - Topshop - £52
TOTAL - £199.99

I was surprised that my office wear outfit came so close to the £200, with 1p to spare!  But, sensible shoes and a smart bag to me are essential for the office.  Is it just me that judges a woman by her bag, and this one works for me, it's professional, big enough for your paperwork and classic, it will stand the test of time.
 This season is bringing back the 60s (great news for me as I love this era for fashion!), so I wanted to incorporate it into this outfit.  The boucle jacket is classic. and in the sale!!! Teamed with the tartan skirt and blouse it's smart, yet chic, sophisticated yet creative.  And embodies the 60s.  
The brogues again are in-fitting with the 60s theme, durable for London's lousy weather in Winter and comfortable. What more could you ask for?
And finally, the moustache watch adds a cheeky bit of personality!

1. Dress - Sugarhill Boutique - £55 
2. Tights - ASOS - £6
3. Boots - Zara - £69.99
4. Jacket - Miss Selfridge - £52
5. Rings - Kukee - £2.50
6. Bag - H&M - £12.99
TOTAL -£198.48

This was the outfit I most wanted to get right, as if first dates aren't scary enough without worrying about your outfit too.  
I've had my eye on this boots for weeks now (they may have to be a payday purchase) and I think they're perfect first date material.  Not too high so you don't have to worry about being taller than him, a good solid heel so you don't have to worry about falling over in them, and the studs give an edgier feel to a dainty dress.
I picked the dress next, some people might think a dress is too much for a first date but I think they're perfect.  Especially this one.  If you haven't noticed (where have you been!), animal prints are everywhere at the moment, and the foxes give a lovely autumnal feel with the rust colour.  Teamed with a cranbery coloured jacket, the outfit is bang on trend for Winter.  Not forgetting the collar on the dress, again, another trend we're spotting on the catwalks.
Of course the thick black tights are essential for the cold weather, and you don't want to show too much leg on a first date, particularly when you're giving a cheeky glimpse of cleavage.  
And finally, a simple black handbag for all first date necessities, and some cute gold rings (for a bargainous £2.50) to soften the studs on the boots.
I think any guy would be asking for a second date if you turned up in this!

1. Jacket - River Island - £50
2. Hat - New Look - £7.99
3. Jeans - New Look - £19.99
4. Gloves - ASOS - £10
5. Jumper - Missguided - £13.99
6. Bag - ASOS - £28
7. Wellies - Office - £25
TOTAL - £154.97

I'd like to say being from Cumbria I'm a really outdoorsy type, I'm not, I much prefer to spend cold days watching films in front of a roasting fire, with a hot chocolate.  However, that doesn't mean I haven't been dragged on family walks up hills, spent school trips doing outdoor pursuits, and walked dogs along country lanes.
So this outfit was an interesting one for me.  I think people often throw 'outdoor' outfits together based on old fleeces, their dad's woolly hats and walking boots.  That is not for me, just because I'm going to be hiking doesn't mean I'm not going to look good (yep, I'm that vain!). 
I picked the jacket first, this looks really warm, perfect for wind, rain...and snow.  Plus it looks kind of like a Barbour jacket which are very stylish these days (think Alexa Chung), but without the hefty price tag.  I think £50 is really reasonable for this jacket, and it looks like it would stand up against mother nature.
Now, the wellies, lets talk about the wellies.  I'm not normally a 'patterned' wellie type, I usually prefer a classic one colour pair, but this challenge was all about fashion and this season's trends.  What could be more on trend than houndstooth, plus I actually think they look pretty cool. I'm a lover of black and white, and wellies are just so practical for rainy days...and if you're from Cumbria you know about rainy days!
Next, the jeans.  If you've noticed this colour has cropped up a few times in my outfits, but it's so in fashion and so easy to wear.  I actually already own a pair of jeans in this colour and they're going to take me perfectly into Autumn and Winter. 
A slouchy grey jumper leaves room for your thermals underneath (yeah right!) and a woolly hat keeps your head warm.  They say you lose 70% of your body heat through your head!! (Interesting fact for you there).
I picked these bear gloves not just because they're oh so cute but because they're practical too.  Being able to turn them into fingerless gloves means you're hands are free for outdoorsy things like...texting!
And finally, a funky rucksack to keep your hat and gloves in when you've popped into a cafe for a warm cup of tea.
Plus, that leaves you with £45 to pay for a taxi home when you decide you'd really rather not camp in -3 degrees.

So there's my five outfits, blowing my own trumpet I think these are pretty good.  They've all got an autumn/winter feel, all on trend with this season and all under £200.  Not bad going eh?!

Are you going to enter? I'd love to see my competition!

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  1. Love the outfits :) especially the work one, that's cute. I think I'll be entering! x

  2. You really know how to put an outfit together - they all look great! I particularly like your 'first date' outfit

  3. Amazing picks doll, loving the cross leggings. I live in my white converse and Im shopping for new Wellies right now:)

    Sara xx

  4. I love the office outfit. That tartan skirt its amazing.

  5. Really very beautiful modern outfit Fashion and your blog is very nice, Thanks you for sharing.

  6. I love these! I think the casual one is my favourite :)

    Beauty for Biochemists


  7. These are perfect! I love every single outfit, I really like the dress from the party outfit, its so cute! Good Luck! xoxo

  8. This is a great post!!! i love all of these, I couldn't choose between one! Be my stylist? x

  9. love those misguided leggings in your casual set! :) x

  10. I love the party dress - really nice :)


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