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Saturday, 8 September 2012

stylist's trend on trial, trialled: poker straight hair

I was actually quite excited about this week's Trend on Trial, partly because it's seems ages since I did a hair Trend on Trial (the last one was the side parting, not to be reminded of that!), and secondly because despite having naturally straight-ish hair, I never straighten my hair properly anymore.

It's probably about 6 years since I sectioned my hair and straightened from top to bottom.  I've learnt to embrace my natural...kink! I remember begging my friend at university to straighten my hair for me as she had much better straighteners than me, and she always laughed as compared to her natural curls she couldn't understand why I wanted my hair even more straight than it already was.

Anyway...I love the feel of uber straightened hair, mine always feels so soft and flyaway.  But, that does mean the sleek lines don't last for long, there are certain bits of my hair that are determined to kink whether I like it or not.

Joanna wasn't convinced by this look, whereas I was having moments of nostalgia, remembering my university days, when every night out I would religiously straighten hair.  
It's not so easy to easy a complete poker straight look with a full fringe, totally straight bangs just look ridiculous, but I think you can see I've pretty much achieved the look.

So what's your thoughts on poker straight hair? Are you a religious ghd user, or are those from days gone by?  I think I'll still stick with my more natural kinks, but I won't be adverse to using my straighteners more frequently from now on.

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  1. I'm still a religious GHD user! Section my hair and get it poker straight then I add product to get more volume and messier look. My hair is so thick naturally it just looks bushy if I don't straighten it.
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  2. your hair georg :D

  3. Love the way you've done the fringe, you're right it looks weird totally straight. And it's so weird to think back to straightening my hair every single day for school... What a waste of time!

  4. I love your stylist trend posts!!! Fab hun!! Xxx

    A x

  5. Really like this look! I have a big fringe and though i straighten the fringe i'm scared of going for a fully straight look! Tempted to brave it now though!

  6. Looks good!


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