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Sunday, 9 September 2012

weekend wishlist #17

I feel like I need to get out of this black and white rut I seem to be in, I swear I didn't realise I was so stuck in my colours till I started this blog, but hey, maybe it should become my trademark!

1. I've been using my Longchamp Tote bag for over a year now, and as  much as I love it (it was a present from the boy) it's starting to look a bit shabby and so I think it's time I upgraded my bag.  Zara bag's seem to be doing the blogging rounds at the moment, and I love this Bowling Bag! At £40 and with all those compartments I think I  may have to make this the bag that sees me into 2013 in style.
2. I've been eyeing up this studded jacket ever since Anna mentioned it in her Autumn Style Picks video, I say mentioned, she's lucky enough to own this bad boy.  Unfortunately for me I think it's going to be staying on the wishlist rather than in my wardrobe, because £169.99 for a jacket just isn't going to happen this month!
3. I love, love, (going for a third) love this dress. It's black and white and printed and it belongs with me.
4. Both Lily and Sara have blogged about this playsuit and I think it looks great on both of them.  I'm yet to embrace the playsuit trend, I'm not sure if they're right for me but when I decid to take the plunge, I think it's gotta be with this little number.
5. It's that time of year, my favourite time of year, when I can start wearing hats again.  This beanie will be perfect for Autumn/Winter and I love the wine shade of it.  I also wanted to add a least a hint of colour into this week's wishlist.
6. Oh Lavish Alice how I love thee, £9 for a cute bird cage vest, yes I do.
7. I was killing some time on Carnaby Street last week waiting for the boy and so was hovering round the windows of Office (I can often be found loitering here, most weekdays between 1-2 if you're interested) and I was eyeing up the Converse (I've been fancying a new pair for a while now) when these caught my eye.  I'm already a big leopard print fan, but I love that these are a change from the usual leopard print colours. I can definitely see this making a big impact on my life...exaggeration? I don't think so!

What's on your wishlist this week? Have I added to yours too?

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  1. I was tempted to post that topshop dress as well! I think it would look gorgeous with some ankle boots and a nice black blazer.. so chic! Great blog post :)

  2. Zara are totally at the top of the handbag hierarchy recently!! love this one, and your blog xx

  3. Love every piece and Ive lived in my converse this summer, definitely buying more colours:)

    Sara xx

  4. Love the Birdcage vest, anything vintage birdcage and I want it
    Daniella x

  5. Love that playsuit! Thought I'd let you know Motel are running a comp daily through NY fashion week to win something of your choice via twitter - worth a try :)! I adore that bag too!!!

    Robyn Mayday

  6. I love that dress from Topshop too, just noticed they do a petite size tempting.

  7. I want all of those things on your list! Nice choice :) xx

  8. I love that motel playsuit!
    I'm going to get it in purple the second my student loan comes through haha

  9. I've been wanting a Longchamp bag for ages, but whenever I see people wearing them they always look tatty and shabby. I don't think the material ages well at all, so it's put me off. That Zara bowling bag is gorgeous though and I love the jacket too!



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