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Sunday, 23 September 2012

weekend wishlist #18

This week's wishlist is all about dresses, I'm a dress hoarder so it seemed about time I did a dress wishlist!

2. Floral Dress - H&M
6. Staring at Stars Loose Crepe Dress - Urban Outfitters

1. This dress is way above my price range at £125, but I love the style, print and shape of it.  And, it's my 'wishlist' not my 'I'm going to buy list' so I figured I'd pop it on there!
2. And at the total opposite end of the spectrum, this beauty is only £17.99, what a bargain, I love the simplicity of the shape against the busy print, perfection with a great price tag.
3. So I must admit, I never shop on Very, it just has never really appealed to me, but last week I decided to check out the Fearne Cotton and Jameela Jamil ranges, and was more then pleasantly surprised.  It's about time I had a Leopard Print Collar Dress to add to my collection!
4. I've been drooling over this Dahlia brocade dress since it appeared on their website, quite simply I think it's lovely.
5.  Oh Topshop, I'm so determined to not shop with you anymore because I think you're prices are going up and up, but they just keep bringing out these delightful little dresses, I'm still lusting over this one too.
6. I'm not keen on the lace up back of this dress, but I love the red wine colour, and rose print!

So what do you think? Have I missed any little numbers that should have been on here?

all about the girl


  1. i love 1,2,3,4 best! really must see that Fearne cotton range! Its so cute! x

  2. Definitely love the Dahlia one, such a super pretty dress!!!xxxx

  3. No.2 would be my fave xx

  4. Your wish list is now also my wish list! Such a good post!

    Tsui Chung

  5. Love the UO dress, beautiful colour
    Daniella x

  6. ooh 1 and 5 please! to be fair, i don't look at topshop anymore.. not sure why because there dresses never fail to please.x

  7. Adore that topshop dress! x

    1. my friend got the last one from UO and you have to hand wash it or it shrinks :(

  8. Love that first dress, and totally agree with you about topshop prices! Xx

  9. all these dresses are so sweet! love the floral ones
    hope you'll visit back!

  10. Really like all of those dresses, especially Fearne's! You've got a good taste, girl

    The Young Bridget Jones

  11. The top middle dress is amazing. Love the Fearne Cotton one too!

  12. I too am a dress collector and I LOVE all of you suggestions and I totally agree with you with the point on Topshop prices.

    Can't wait to see the next blog!!!

  13. What a great selection of dresses. My favourites will have to be number 1 and 5 but I agree, the first one is over my price range too! :)

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