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Monday, 3 December 2012

dear santa....

I thought I'd make it easy for you this year and just ask for one thing...a Mulberry Handbag.

Yes, yes I know, you have hundreds, no, thousands upon thousands of lovely girls asking for the same thing, but I have been ESPECIALLY good this year and so if you had to choose one of us, it really should be me.

I'm not even fussy, I've made it easy for you and given you a selection below of my favourites, I'll let you pick which one.  

It really would make me a very happy person if you could just pop one of these under the Christmas Tree this year, and just think, I wouldn't even need to ask anymore?

Yes, I am 27 and I've written Santa Claus a letter, but maybe it'll work this year? He might feel guilty because he knows that all your lovely readers are hoping he's going to come good?

I've wanted a Mulberry handbag for what feels like forever, and I know it's totally un-original, pretty much every female on the planet wants one, but look how pretty they are.  The problem I have is, the price.  I mean, I probably could save up and treat myself to one, but when I think what that money could be spent on instead (a holiday, towards a house - yes, that other fairly major thing I'm saving for) it's hard to justify.  So instead, I'm hoping Santa might just surprise me, and I wouldn't have to feel so guilty.

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  1. Ahh love your Mulbs picks! I've wanted an Alexa for ages! I just need a money tree now *sobs* xxxx

  2. All of these picks are amazing! I've been lusting after an Alexa for so long :'(

  3. Aww they're just so pretty... I've tried not to look at Mulberry bags too closely because I don't want to start to forget that buying one would cost about the same as my rent for a month. They're just too beautiful though :(
    Kaz x

  4. My mum has three and I'm VERY jealous! I'd love one, but a girl can only dream :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)


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