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Sunday, 16 December 2012

gorgeous couture - the little black dress

I was recently contacted by Gorgeous Couture and asked if I wanted to review one of their items, of course I said yes, have you seen their dresses??

Gorgeous Couture is way more classy and formal than my usual type of style so I knew it would be fun to try something different for a change.  I really had my eye on the Jen Swarovski Maxi Dress but unfortunately that one wasn't available, and it's probably for the best, me and sophisticated just don't go hand in hand.

Instead I received the Bailey Dress in black, which too, is lovely. But before I talk about the dress, I have to mention the packaging.  It arrived in a beautiful black box, which was full of purple tissue paper, super elegant to match the brand.  It felt like Christmas! The box would be perfect too for keeping goodies in, that's if you didn't want to keep the dress always folded delicately inside.

Now onto the dress.  This is the type of dress you could have a lot of fun with, as it's black you could style it in so many ways, but I wanted to keep it simple.  Killer heels, matching clutch bag and a little bit of jewellery let's the dress do all the talking.

And with my hair pinned up, it means you can really show off the sexy one shoulder design.

It's really a top quality dress, and I'm sure all their items are like this.  The material is thick and sturdy, so it clings in all the right places but drops where it should.  Plus it's super comfy, with an elasticated band round the top to keep all your bits in place.

At £134 it's pricey, but I'd say well worth it, especially during party season when you know you're going to get a lot of wear out of it, and like I said, because it's black you could pair it with different colours and accessories to keep it fresh.

So if you're still looking for that perfect number for the Christmas season I'd strongly recommend heading over to Gorgeous won't be disappointed.

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  1. Gorgeous dress - I like how you have styled it - nice & simple. You can't go wrong with a LBD :) x

  2. This is stunning! Love one shoulder look :)

    Kerys xx
    Little Bo Blab

  3. That dress looks beautiful on you x

  4. the dress looks incredible on u! stunnin!

    - True

  5. This dress looks stunning on you, so classic!

  6. Wow, You look stunning in this dress, very nice indeed!! X

  7. wow nice dress
    hi friend this is ablazeaqua!

    i'm new on blog my subject is beauty too
    kindly visit my blog & support me

  8. I love to buy such outfit from my favorite online boutique !!

  9. Could you be any sexier..! Just awesome! Fabulous outfit and what a stylish pair of designer eyewear is that..


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