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Saturday, 8 December 2012

stylist's trend on trial, trialled: sixties syle hair

It's really true, Trend on Trial is back, by popular demand, apparently.  I'd like to think that all my lovely readers campaigned to Stylist because they enjoyed reading mine versions so much...or maybe not.

Anyway, I'm glad it's back, my Saturday morning's will now be consumed again by trialling the latest beauty fad, and this week it's Sixties Style Hair.

I've always loved the idea of sporting a classic beehive (a la Olivia), but whenever I've given it a go, I usually end up with a bird's nest style mop on the top of my head, and the rest of my hair looking lank.  Determined not to give in this week, I started with lots of mousse, and thickening serum and dried my hair while trying to avoid having a parting (once my hair has been parted, there's no moving it, even with extensive backcombing).  I then backcombed, backcombed, backcombed, and I think, I managed to come up with some kind of attempt at the sixties do.

I surprised myself this week, the backcombing actually worked, although I purposefully won't show you a picture of the back as it was a mass of kirby gribs and clips.  And even by the time I'd taken these pictures, it had started to flop.  I just don't have enough hair/thickness to make this truly work.

Although I really like it on these pictures, to me, the beehive felt HUGE, and the prospect of going out in public with it was not one I could contemplate.

And for a change, I even tried to rock a theme!  I teamed it with a thick black hair band, a sweep of black eyeliner, and added some pearls for an Audrey-esque look, and all together I like it.  But for my average day at work? Maybe not.

So, what do you think?  Will you be giving the sixties hair style a go?

all about the girl

Oh, and if you want to see all my previous Trend's on Trial, you can find them all here.  Go go go!


  1. like this hair style ^^

  2. I like the hair style, it always looks beautiful. Can't imagine it's easier to manoeuvre with! Will have to give it a try though I think, cus it looks so pretty :)

  3. i've always liked the beehive hairstyle but like you my hair never seems to want to stay in place and just falls flat! you really suit it though :)!

  4. Adorable!
    xo, katie

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