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Friday, 28 December 2012

thailand travels part two

So tomorrow is the big day, me and the boy are jetting off to Thailand, and I thought it was about time I gave you all an update on our jaunt whether you're interested or not.

The last that I shared with you was this post, we didn't really know where we were going and what we wanted to see, how things have changed in a few weeks.  

We fly to Bangkok tomorrow, landing at 10.30 am Thailand time, I don't even know what time it'll be in the UK, and I'm dreading the jet lag. The plan is to try and stay up till at least early evening before collapsing in a heap ready to see the sights.  The next night is of course New Years Eve, we're staying in a hotel by the river (The Chatrium), and I hope we'll just do some wandering and maybe enjoy a cocktail or two.

Next we fly up to Chiang Mai for four nights, where we plan to get our cultural hit, lots of temples to see, elephant treks to go on, and I hope a Thai Cookery course.  We're staying at The Imperial Hotel, which looks like the perfect haven to head back to after a busy day.

We then head South, a quick one night stop in Phuket, simply because we wanted to get to Phi Phi and weren't able to do that journey in one day.  We've heard that Phuket is nice enough, but much better places to stay and go, so we're staying in a little resort called the Boomerang Village where we can enjoy dinner looking out over the village.

Next on the agenda is the wonderful Phi Phi, my ulterior motive for the whole holiday...the place where The Beach was filmed, oh how I can't wait.  And this is the place we're splashing out, I won't give you any prices, but The Holiday Inn wasn't cheap, and we're hoping for a few days of luxury.  And of course, a day trip to Maya Beach...what more could I want!

After a few days of total relaxation, we're then heading to Khao Sok National Park, after much uhmming and ahhing, I decided that I actually really wanted to go here, it looks beautiful, and will make a change from the beach.  So after a few cancellations, and a route plan change, we've booked the Kuruburi Greenview Resort, and chosen the room that overlooks the lake.  I'm pretty sure it's going to be a nightmare journey trying to find this place, but it looks like it will be well worth it.

When then journey across land and sea, by bus, car and ferry I believe to get to party town, Koh Phangan.  Unfortunately there isn't a full moon party while we're there, but I've heard that every day is an excuse for a party on this island, so with three nights here we're staying at The Sunset Hill Resort, which I hope will be a bit of tranquility to come back to after an evening of partying.

Then onto Koh Tao for two nights, to chill out, maybe try some diving for the first time, and some much needed sleep before we head back to Bangkok.  We're staying in a little place called the Koh Tao Cabana Resort which are full of cute little cottages, and a private beach.

We've yet to book our final two nights in Bangkok, because, we have a plan.  We've booked all of the hotels above through who have a very agreeable (shall we say) offer for new customers.  It's called the 'Welcome Rewards' loyalty programme which means once you've booked ten nights through them, you get one free, which when you're booking a holiday like this, every little helps!

The boy  has a couple of friends living in Bangkok too which I'm hoping means we'll get to see some secrets that usually the tourists don't know about.

But for now, I'm off to pack...yes, I still haven't got round to that yet.

all about the girl

P.S.  Please keep coming back while I'm away, because I've got some great guest posts up from some lovely bloggers lined up for you.


  1. I'm super jealous! Have an amazing time x

  2. Thank you for posting this. I'm thinking about a bit Thai trip in the new year too & having never been it's hard to know where to start! Have an amazing time!! x

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