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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

weekend wishlist #22 - halloween

So I know it's not technically the weekend anymore, well, not even technically, it's Wednesday so it's not the weekend at all, but I've taken to calling my wishlists my 'weekend wishlists' so I think I'll stick with it.

Now I love a good theme, so what better than a Halloween themed wishlist, creepy, spooky but still pretty pretty dresses is on this week's agenda:

1.  There's something about this dress that makes me thing spider, therefore it's Halloween-esq, add eight legs and eight eyes, you'll be the sexiest spider to grace the party!
2. Oh Lavish Alice what a beauty! This could easily work for the 'corpse bride' look, but will do just as nicely for church on Sunday (I don't go to church, but if I did, I'd wear this!)
3. Wednesday Adams, need I say more?
4. I love this dress, creepy cobweb pattern, but subtle enough to be worn not just on October 31st.
5. So at £48, I think if you're only planning on wearing this JUST for Halloween, you might be better popping to Primark (they have some pretty similar ones at the moment!) but if like me, you can see yourself wearing this for every event you have coming up for the next year then £48 is a bargain!
6. Pretty green dress, with bats on, spooky AND sexy.

all about the girl

Monday, 29 October 2012

happy halloweeeeen

I've had a crazy couple of weeks at  work so I feel I've neglected my beloved blog a little bit, for a day or two last week I didn't even go on Twitter, once! Now that is a first.

So work has been mental to put it bluntly...lets just say budgets have taken over my life, but things have calmed down a little and so I'm coming back with a bang, not really, more a small, simple post but'll do nicely.

Well of course this week is Halloween and I couldn't not bring to you a Halloween related post.  I LOVE Halloween, it's always been my favourite holiday...(is it a holiday?), after Christmas of course, and any excuse to dress up, I'm there!  

I thought I'd show you a few of the costumes I've donned in year's gone by, and I'm hoping you can all have a bit of input in my outfit this year.

Now this picture is old, really about 8 years old, which is actually pretty scary! It was my first attempt at a corpse bride, but with a slightly darker twist than your usual wedding dress style:

Then a couple of year's ago I went of Jack the Ripper's victims, yep slightly bad taste but great to dress up as:

And then last year, the boy and I went as a Zombie Prom King and Queen!

So this year, a friend and I are going as the twins from The Shining...we haven't bought our outfits yet, with only two days to go...organised as ever, but we're hoping to look something like this:

And if you can throw any suggestions my way for where I can get any of these items in less than 24 hours I'd much appreciate it!

So what are you wearing this year? Send me links as I love looking at other peeps costumes.

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

a cut out dress and studded boots

This is the dress I've taken to calling my 'hello, these are my boobs dress'.  When I wear it, I look down and all I can see is my cleavage.  Looking at these photos, it doesn't look so 'booby' and a friend has convinced me that the only reason I think that is because of the cut out.  If it was just a normal dress cut that low, I wouldn't think anything of it. I think she might be right...but I still see boobs!

Anyway, that doesn't digress from the fact it's one of my newest favourites, a bargain at £25 in the Urban Outfitters (I featured it here just after I bought it).  It's covered in a little bird print and the skater shape is uber flattering.  

Boots - Zara

But the really important news is, welcome to my new boots.  I had my eyes on these boots for so long, and decided that they would be my payday treat.  I've had them for a month now and how I've not managed to feature them yet I do not know, they've barely been off my feet.

AND, if the fact that I didn't love them enough already, I have since spotted the amazing Millie Mackintosh in them, that essentially means I'm as cool and stylish, and look just like her, right?? 

Please excuse my face in that picture on the right, I'm look pretty unimpressed, but the best of a bad bunch!

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Monday, 22 October 2012

i'm in love...with a jacket

Yes, I am going to dedicate a whole post to one jacket, but just look at this beauty. 

I can see this being one of those items of clothing that I repeatedly go back to, trying to work out if I can justify the price.  And although £100 isn't unreasonable for a suede jacket, it's just £100 I don't really have right now.

But then there are so many other reasons why I should by it:
1. It's oh so pretty
2. Just look at the colour
3. It would go with...all my clothes?
4. It might not go with ALL my clothes, but it would look cool with some of them
4. I bet it feels really nice
5. See number 1.

Hrmm, I guess I'll just keep dreaming for the moment.

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

stylist's trend on trial, trialled: contouring

For this week's Trend on Trial I decided to give contouring a go.  Apparently (I can't claim to know this stuff!) it's been all over this Season's catwalks, and we all know Kim Kardashian is a real advocate. 

Stylist very handily not only gave us a step by step guide in this week's issue, but also a handy video with one of MAC's make up artist to show us a quick and easy way to achieve the look (click here to go check it out).  

Contouring is not something I know anything about, in the past I've attempted to get the look with a bit of bronzer, and when I'm feeling really daring maybe a sweep of highlighter, but to be honest, I've never really known what I was doing and it always seemed too much like hard work!

So, with instructions in hand I gave it a go.  I really wanted to achieve this look, and have that perfect sculpted look....
It's not that I don't like it, I just have my concerns.  The main issue being that because I'm SO pale, (I usually use bronzer all over my face to attempt to give my skin a bit of life),  with this look, I'm only using a darker shade in certain areas, which I think just highlights how pale the rest of my skin is.  

My next issue is my hairline, the hair around my forehead is really fair, to achieve maximum contouring affect you have to use the darker shade along your temples.  I end up looking like I've got a dodgy orange hairline...see photo below:

And finally, I'm convinced that rather than make my nose look smaller, it just makes it look bigger, and draws attention to it.  I don't want to draw attention to it!

So what do you think? Do I just need to keep practicing? Or should I ask Tanya to come round and give me a proper lesson. 

In other news...I like my hair today!

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

long haired lover from liverpool

So last weekend I had a bit of a university reunion in Liverpool, myself and 5 of the girls I used to live with all met up with our plus ones for a weekend of visiting old haunts, and catching up over a drink or two.

I'm not normally one for lifestyle type posts, but I thought this would make a nice change, plus I know everyone loves a picture of good food and I've definitely got one of those!

Me and the boy, along with our flatmates were the first to arrive and as we were staying in apartments we settled ourselves down with pizza, beers and a few more beers while we waited for everyone else. However, as peeps were getting later and we got more tired, we decided to spice the evening up with our favourite drink from uni days gone sours in teacups, perhaps not the best idea we've ever had!

Saturday morning we got up and headed to Leaf, I cannot recommend this place enough, it's my most favourite cafe/bar/restaurant/tea room (I'm not really sure what it is) in the whole entire world...yes, I went there.  It has a great atmosphere, does amazing food and the cake has to be seen to be believed, so I'm showing you a picture of it!

As some of the boys hadn't been to Liverpool before, we attempted to be a bit cultured so showed them a few of the sights, a wander down to the docks with some funny goings on with Vikings and the boy learnt to walk on water!!

Back to the flat for a quick change in time to head out for dinner!  I had hoped to get some outfit shots but after a disaster with false eyelashes and an early meal booking, I didn't get the chance.  But we have just got a new camera so had time to play with some of the fun settings.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

weekend wishlist #21 - the party dress

Now that it's October and we're edging ever nearer to party season, I feel I can officially start the hunt for 'The Party Dress', especially as the date for my Christmas Party has been announced.  

This wishlist could quite easily have been three times the size, but I thought it's still early days so I might just drip feed you my favourites!

1. This little Miss Selfridge number is perfect for this time of year, it's a nice change from your typical black, but the chiffon skirt and the silver threading in the bodice gives it a real special twist..this could be a winner.
2. This dress isn't my favourite, but the colour is bang on trend on,  lovely for Winter, and the lace adds that little something special.  I'm not so keen on the price tag though, for £85 I think I'd want a show stopper!
3. At £27.50 this black dress is an absolute bargain, if not for Christmas parties, then every other occasion I have coming up in the next few months, and at that price it'd be silly not too. The studs, the sheer panel and simple shape make this a classic choice, and I could afford new shoes too.
4. Again, another bargain at £25, and not dissimilar to the Therapy dress, but the lace down to the waist line adds a more flirty edge, but the simplicity of the rest of it means it's not too much.
5. This isn't my 'party' dress, it's more my 'meal with the boy' dress, but I really like it so couldn't not include it. The shift shape, makes what could be an overly fussy dress much more wearable.
6. And finally, the pinafore dress, there is something about this dress which says 'Yes' to me, it's so so simple, but that just means you could dress it up in so many different ways, so it could easily be worn time and time again without getting bored of it.  I imagine the shape would be so uber flattering too.

Have you found the party dress yet, or am I ahead of the game for a change?

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

foxy lady outfit post

It's dark by the time I get home now which means the quality of my photos takes a nose dive. We have those energy saving light bulbs in our flat so essentially you need a torch to get anywhere, and attempting to take a photo without a flash? I might as well post a picture of a black square...hence why I look a bit ghost like in the photos below.

So, from now on, I'll just have to try and be click happy at the weekend and save the photos up for during the week, hope you don't mind!

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you to my new jumper!  Having forgotten I'd ordered this (it's from Nelly so their items have a tendency to take a little longer to arrive due to the fact they're coming from Sweden), I posted my jumpers 'weekend wishlist' on Monday, and one day later look what arrived.  It is my new favourite jumper, it's nice and thick so super cosy, you can't beat charcoal grey and it's covered in foxes heads, naturally! I was a little disappointed today when no-one complimented me on it, but hey, maybe I've got unusual taste.

 Teamed with my new skirt that I dedicated this post to, I think I've got myself another perfect Autumn outfit, what do you think?

Jumper - Nelly
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Next (old and falling apart)

I'm off to Liverpool this weekend for a bit of a University reunion, hoping to return to all our old haunts...unfortunately our Student Guild is no more.  I'll try and be a bit snap happy so then I can do a post about my weekend, but be warned, it could be messy!

all about the girl

Disclaimer - I didn't pay for this jumper, but it wasn't a PR sample either, hence the lack of * - it's a long, complicated story!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

hair today, gone tomorrow

As you may have noticed I'm having hair issues, by issues I mean I'm bored and fancy a change..I'm still contemplating the pink dip dye I posted about here.  But, I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow so thought I'd ask you lot for your very appreciated, opinion.

We know my all time fave is Zooey Deschanel and my persistence in keeping my fringe is down to her, well not just down to her, I love my fringe too.

1. Source

In the past, I have tried and tried to get my fringe to part a la Sienna, but it never seems to look as good.  I love the boho look of Sienna and Nicole in the pictures below, so I wonder if asking the hairdresser to create it rather than parting it myself might work?

2. Source   3Source

Then, the Olsens, the Olsens who can do no wrong in my eyes, they rock the fringe-less middle parting look and it makes me wonder if I should start the arduous task of growing my fringe out? And I check out this amazing picture of Fearne Cotton with the wavy (fringe-less) bob.

4. Source   5. Source

While hunting for pictures of the Olsens, I stumbled across this picture of Ashley Olsen, whose hair looks Ah-May-Zing in this asymmetrical bob, like so so good, and that gets me going...

5. Source

But of course, everytime I come back to Zooey and I'm at square one all over again:

6. Source

I'll probably get an inch off the bottom and my hair would look no different, but I'd love to hear your thoughts?

all about the girl

Monday, 8 October 2012

weekend wishlist #20 - jumpers

Yesterday I was feeling sorry for myself, as I woke up sneezed about 100 times, and spent the rest of the day hibernating on the sofa.  Hence the lack of weekend wishlist, but the good news is, that I seem to have made a miraculous recovery...literally no sign of ill-ness today, so I'm posting my wishlist now instead!

I decided to dedicate this wishlist to jumpers, the weather has definitely turned and a chill is in the air, and what's better than wrapping up in a cosy jumper with a mug of hot chocolate (or gingerbread latte when the red cups come out)!

1. I love this Bicycle Jumper, who doesn't want a bicycle on their jumper!
2. Perfection personified in a Topshop jumper, my hesitation behind this one is the price and I do have a very similar jumper...see picture below!
3. I feel this jumper is less practical more party-ful (I just made up that word!), it's not going to keep me warm, but it looks good, and at that price, the lack of practicality doesn't matter.
4. I've been eyeing up this jumper since the lovely temporary secretary featured the grey version on her blog, unfortunately I don't have a cute tie-neck blouse to go with it!
5. I don't have much to say about this one, I just like it.
6. I'm a big fan of the Chelsea Girl range at River Island, it super cute and looks really cosy and warm!

This picture gets me really excited for Christmas, my favourite time of year...this was taken three years ago, look how short my hair is!

all about my girl

Saturday, 6 October 2012

face of the day

Joanna announced in this week's Stylist that Trend on Trial is to be no more, queue a  moment of panic from me, what am I going to post on Saturday's now!  I tweeted the tweeter behind @Stylistmagazine who then assured me that Joanna will still be doing them, just not so frequently.  

I love doing the Trend on Trial posts so I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do, I may delve into the archive's to re-create the few I haven't yet done, I may just do them as and when Joanna does, I may carry on and make up my own, or I may let you lovely readers make suggestions for me.

The plan is to still do a 'beauty' type post on a Saturday, so I'm very much open to ideas, and today (as I have a busy day ahead) I thought I'd just do a 'Face of the Day' post.  

So here I am in all my Saturday morning glory!


Clinique Even Better Foundation in 02 Fair- I just bought this on Thursday so I'm still in two minds yet if it's the foundation for me!
Body Shop Bronzer - an old one that they don't stock anymore

Rimmel Exaggerate Mascara - which is no more :(
17 Blow Out Mascara - not a big fan of this, hence the double mascara application


all about the girl

Thursday, 4 October 2012

pink ombre

So I've been thinking more and more recently about going ombre with my hair, but no ordinary ombre, pink ombre.  This may come as a surprise but I don't actually colour my hair at the moment, this is all natural baby!  So as I never do anything with my hair, I started feeling in need of a change.  And what better time of the year than party season!

But I'm still umming and ahhing so I thought I'd ask you guys what you thought, pink ombre, do I or don't I?

1. source 2. source 3. source

1. Lydia 2. Rosie 3. Zoe

And here's some of my bloggers rocking the pink ombre look, both Rosie and Lydia are using a wash out spray from Superdrug (only £2.99) which I think I'll have to give a go first.  

I'm just not sure I'm prepared to take the hit of hairdressers prices to get it done professionally, maybe I should get Zoe to come round, she certainly seems to have mastered the 'DIY' job!

all about the girl

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

checked jeans outfit post

So I've got some new jeans, and I like them, I like them a lot!
If you are one my loyal and committed followers (ha!) then you may have read my 'dedicated to oasis' post when I mentioned I'd been one of the lucky tweeters to win a £20 Oasis voucher, yay me! So I deliberated for a while over what I was going to get, and I was convinced it would be a pretty dress, so I was really surprised when I kept coming back to these checked jeans, but at £20 they were a steal! Plus it meant with my voucher, they were essentially free.
Tee - Primark
Jeans - Oasis
Pumps - Topshop

I hadn't realised how obviously printed this tee was, until now! Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and if I'd known I wouldn't have teamed a printed tee with checked jeans..but hey, it's done now! 
I decided to grace you with a close up face shot today, quite unlike me but you know, I like to keep things interesting!!  And, so you can see my gorgeous Kukee dinosaur necklace...the boy thinks it should be called a t-recklace, ha, what a joker ey?!

Big thank you to Oasis for my voucher, loving my new jeans, and this isn't the last your going to see of them!

all about the girl
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