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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

let's talk about eyebrows

Me and my eyebrows have had an interesting past.  I didn't touch them for years, I knew nothing about plucking, waxing and shaping.  They were fair and not problematic so why would I think to do anything with them.  I then decided to join the rest of the world and went to see a beautician, she waxed them and turned them into a lovely curved shape.  I attempted to pluck them myself but living in student flats meant poor light and I could never really see what I was doing.

6 years later and I now regularly pluck them myself, occasionally go and see a nice lady and have her do them, and now I've even started colouring them in!  I never knew you were  meant to shade in your eyebrows, and if someone had told me this a few years ago I would have thought they were mad.  Up until two weeks ago I used a No. 7 Beautiful Brows pencil in Blonde.  I never really felt the colour was a good match, they often ended up looking orange...but I didn't want to use brown as I felt it would be too heavy for me.

And then I (I say I, actually Cat from Outside Beauty, Inside Health) discovered the Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil, it has changed my life! 

The pencil has two ends, a brush which is used to shade and fill in gaps, and a crayon to give your brows some shape.  I went for the blonde colour, as much as I'd love to rock Cara Delevingne eyebrows, I think I'd just end up looking a little silly.

Now I don't want to bang on too much describing the product for you, you can check out the description over here to see what it does, but I would like to say the colour is a great match, it's more like a fair brown than blonde.  And it's really really easy to use, which is great for me as you have probably guessed, when it comes to eyebrows I'm useless.

The two pictures above are my eyebrows pre Soap and Glory-ed, as you can tell they are pretty light and non-existent.  

The photos below are after.  I'm not sure how much of a difference you can tell in the pictures, but I'm attempting to pull some interesting eyebrow shapes...trying so hard just to raise one, I've always wanted to be able to do that!!

So there you have it, Soap and Glory's's the way forward!!

all about the girl

Sunday, 24 February 2013

weekend wishlist #27

This weekend's wishlist is a little bit different to my usual selection of floral dresses and studded boots.  Instead, this is a collection (admittedly a small one, the full list is pretty extensive) of some of the top beauty products that I consistently lust after.  I've read numerous bloggers raving about these products and yet somehow (partly down to the price) I just haven't been able to bring myself to commit and actually make the purchase.  I think my main problem is that I'd much rather spend my pay cheque on new clothes, shoes, bags and other bits and bobs that I can show off the next week.  

So, if I win the lottery next week, or someone manages to convince me that I NEED these products in my life...then these are my latest wishlist items that could be on there for some time:

1. I've never tried a Bumble and Bumble product before, (I'd also quite like to add their thickening shampoo and conditioner to this list) and I love the beach babe, natural wave look.  I've tried other surf sprays in the past but this one always seems to be the front runner!
2. I've used a sample of this before and loved it, but the £44 price tag makes my cry inside a little bit...I just can't justify it!
3. Every blogger and their sister seems to rave about the Urban Decay Naked Palette's, and I'd like to join in on the fun.
4. Not the first time this has appeared on my wishlist, and at £11.50 I should just bite the bullet, but what if I don't like it?!
5. NARS, NARS, NARS! The go-to blusher for all beauty bloggers it would seem, but I've never really been one for blushers and so splashing out on £30 for one...are they really that good?
6. And finally the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, I bought a cheap version of this, I didn't rock my world, I'm expecting this one would be everything I want it to be and more...

So what do you think? Are any of these really worth splashing the cash? Or should I just continue to lust from afar?

all about the girl

Thursday, 21 February 2013

all about dahlia

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you are sure to have noticed that I am a huge Dahlia fan.  This little obsession of mine began three years ago when I started working in Soho, three minutes away from their delightful boutique (if you haven't been before, you must go!).  Soon after that I regularly found myself nipping in on my lunch breaks to check out the latest range, and before long I was the proud owner of a number of their dresses.

Now Dahlia is one of things I'm going to miss most about London (yes, it's true) and I'm currently trying to convince the boy (who is going to still be in London every week) that if he ever feels like bringing me some treats home, then he knows where to go.

But for now, I've just put together my top pieces, and maybe after my first pay day in my new job, then you lot can help me choose what to spend it on!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

thailand diary part three - the islands

I thought it was about time I posted my next set of Thailand photos, it's only been a month since we'e been back.  Next up are the islands, we visited Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, all amazing in their own way.

 I think you can see that the pictures speak for themselves, white beaches, clear blue see and amazing food...yes that is seafood rice in a pineapple.  We went on boat trips, visited 'The Beach' which is as beautiful as it looks in the film, but with a lot more tourists, and did more relaxing than I think I've ever done in my life.

I've only got one set of Thailand photos left so not too many more to bore you with, AND, I managed to get some outfit pics this weekend....yay, at long last!

Hope you haven't missed me too much.

all about the girl

Sunday, 10 February 2013

weekend wishlist #26

It feels like a long time since I last did a weekend wishlist and now I remember how bad they are for my bank balance, within 5 minutes of starting them I usually have several baskets full of goodies.

Now that I have a job that I need to wear 'office wear' shall we say, as opposed to pulling on jeans and a t-shirt like I'm used to, I find myself looking out more for suitable work wear.  So this week's wishlist I've picked a few items I think are perfect for the office, but aren't too square.

1. There's something really simplistic but also really lovely about this dress, and with black tights and a cardigan it could be perfect for the office.
2.  My current watch is starting to look a bit worse for wear, I love the brown strap and a detail on the face of day treat for me perhaps.
3. I'm still lusting after a new handbag, mine has actually got holes in it now, this one isn't really big enough for day to day but perfect for slipping the essentials in.  I particularly love the buckles down the side...and you know you can't go wrong with Zara!
4.  I desperately need new work shoes, these loafers are great, the heel isn't too high and they'd look great with both trousers and skirts, but at the moment, I think the £68 price tag is a bit too high.
5. I don't have much to say about this dress, other than I really, really like it. That is all.

What's on your wishlist this week? And what do you think I should be spending my next payday wages on?

all about the girl

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

25 random facts about me

I have been absolutely loving the 'random facts' posts that have been flying around so I am quite literally leaping on that bandwagon.  I find them really entertaining to read, and so I've tried to make mine as amusing, and random as possible. 

1. When I was about 13 the doctor thought I had a heart murmur, after being sent to hospital for further tests, they concluded that I just had a 'kinky artery' and the noise they could hear was the blood sloshing around the bend.

2. My middle name is Joy, I've always hated it.  I blame my dad as he used to sing to me as a child 'Caroline Joy, thought she was a boy'.  

3. When I was 23 I applied to go on Shipwrecked, I didn't even get through the first auditions...I wasn't interesting enough.

4. One of my best friends moved to Corsica two years ago, I miss her lots.

5. This year, me and the boy are going to buy our first house...I'm SO excited.

6. As a child I used to eat bourbon biscuits for my breakfast.  I was a fussy eater so my parents let me get away with it, until my dad decided enough was enough.  Then I started eating coco pops without milk.

7. I find farts really funny.

8. Every single one of my fingers and thumbs are double jointed.

9. Apparently I hoard carrier bags.  When leaving my last flat I found hundreds of them, and still couldn't bring myself to throw away the nice paper ones.

10. I like to drink a diet coke a keeps the doctor away.

11. I have a really weird fear of being in a house with the lights on and the curtains open.  I have to run into the house and close them...I get convinced that there could be someone stood outside staring at me that I can't see!

12.  My biggest celeb crushes are Jude Law and Jim Sturgess (especially in Across the Universe, my favourite film!).

13.  I've got really long second toes, my friends take the piss out of them, and I really hate them.

14.  I'm not a very emotional person, I rarely cry, I'm terrible at being sympathetic and the boy jokes that I'm dead inside...I can't help it!

15.  I haven't told any of my friends or family that I blog, only the boy knows. I'm not really sure why.

16.  I don't have any talents.

17.  When I'm stressed (which is practically never) I dream about spiders.

18.  When I was a student I lived off stir fry noodles, I actually used to eat them about three times a week.  I now really enjoy cooking and baking.

19.  I have one tattoo on my foot, I got 2 stars when I was 18, then stars became really popular and I worked with a tattooist to re-design it and have it added it's completely unique, and I really love it.

20.  I still sleep with the teddy I was given  by my dad when I was born.  His name is Toto.

21.  I went to university in Liverpool, I lived with 7 other girls, and 4 of them were called Laura.

22.  I have 7 piercings, 3 in each ear and my belly button.  I had my tongue pierced for 5 years and took it out when I had my wisdom teeth out.  I miss it.

23.  As a child, whenever I had a wish (blowing out a candle etc.) I used to wish I could fly, then jump off the sofa to see if it had come never did come true.

24.  I've had all my wisdom teeth out.  The first two was an absolute nightmare, I had to have part of the bone in my jaw removed, and it was all done while I was awake.  One of the most traumatic experiences of my life.  

25.  I once dropped a bowl on my foot, and I went to hospital as I thought I'd broken it.  I couldn't be bothered to wait for an x-ray so my friend and I just got drunk instead.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this, as much as I've enjoyed reading yours.  If I can think of another 25, I may do another post.

Random fact about the boy - he's an amazing singer / songwriter, and if I ever get to 1000 followers, as I thank you to him, I'll share some of his music on here.

all about the girl
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