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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

fascinators, florals and frills part two

So Saturday saw me at the wedding I posted about here, dress sorted nice and early...accessories?  Not so much.  Being super organised, I got my dress weeks ago, and a bargain it was too, so I figured I could treat myself on a few rather lovely bits and pieces to go with it.  

But could I find said accessories?! Every day last week saw me spending hours on t'internet looking for the perfect clutch bag, lunch breaks furiously running round town and mums sent on errands.  Come Thursday I still had no bag...or shoes that I wanted to wear, or jewellery for that matter.

What I really wanted was a clutch in one of the colours in the dress, but could I find one anywhere?  Then my creative juices got flowing, while purchasing some hair-clips (see said hair-clips in said hair) in H&M, I was hit with an almighty bang of inspiration.  Hair-clips in all the colours I needed, attached to a simple black bag...and ta da, check out my super perfectly matched clutch! My mum even thought I'd had it custom made.  A pair of black platforms and some bling to go with, I was sorted!  

And the whole outfit came to £54, I was pretty chuffed...and the wedding was good too :)

Dress - Warehouse
Bag and hair clips (flowers) - H&M

all about the girl

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

a barbour jacket for a blustery day

'Tis true, your eyes are not deceiving you, I am here with an outfit post, crazy right? They seem to be quite sporadic these days, in fact blogging in general is, my life is filled with busy work days, trying to spend snippets of quality time with the boy (which are few and far between at the moment!), and early nights! I've become a little bit boring, but I need to try and make the blog a bit more of a priority once more.

So, an outfit post! I've never really featured any outfits on here including a jacket, (it's because I'm Northern and hard so never wear one) so I thought it was about time I showcased my beloved Barbour and judging by the hat and scarf in these images, I'm definitely not hard!!  My dearest mama treated me to this jacket last year and it's perfect for Cumbrian wet weather...I just need to get round to buying the hood for it, which I've been meaning to do now for a good 9 or 10 months.

This is a typical weekend outfit for me, now that I have to a little more formal in my office wear these days, the weekend is a good excuse for me to relax (aka make no effort, aka slob).  So this was my viewing houses (yes really, SO exciting) and having a wander round town outfit.  I love the quality of these pictures, I just have a few criticisms...why didn't I put any lippy on, I wish I wasn't squinting, and goodness my fringe needs a trim.

Jacket - Barbour
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Ebay
Hat and Tee - H&M
Scarf - New Look (Christmas pressie!)

Now because outfit posts are so few and far between at the moment, and I would like to get back into the blogging habit, if you have any suggestions for other types of posts I could do...suggest away.  I need inspiration before writer's block kicks in!

 all about the girl

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fascinators, florals and frills

In two weeks time I'm off to a wedding.  Being the organised type that I am (yeah right!), a couple of Saturday's ago me and my ma spent the day shopping in Newcastle to find me a dress (yes, if you live in Carlisle you have to travel afar for a days shopping!).  I successfully managed to find the dress below for the bargainous price of £17 in the Warehouse sale.

Dress shopping done a whole month before the wedding!

And I figured at that price, I could treat myself to some new accessories, I'm thinking handbag, something for my hair and possibly shoes.  Less than two weeks to go, and I haven't found said accessories...not so organised now.

So this is when I turn to my delightful bloggers, ideally I'd like to go with the jade green colour, but now that Summer is on the horizon (apparently, it was snowing in Carlisle today) the shops seemed to be filled with pastels, whites and creams.  Not the type of colours that will go with this dress.

Please can you lovely lot send me suggestions, link me up with any ideas that will work with this dress...I have precisely 13 days to go, so not enough time for ordering ebay bargains from China.

Muchos Gracias!

all about the girl

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