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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

yoko and john

Tee & Skirt - H&M
Boots - Ebay

These photos were taken last weekend, but in my usual fashion I'm posting them a week later...!  So this was what I wore for a Saturday wandering round the shops, unfortunately Carlisle hasn't quite had the beautiful sunshine the rest of the country still seems to be clinging on to, so yes boots and black tights were necessary...and after an hour of fairly torrential rain, I was thankful for them too.

I've had this tee for a while, and I love it but because it's slightly cropped I don't really like to wear it much, my stomach really isn't in a state to be out in public right now, but with this high waisted skirt, it's all tucked in nicely!   I usually wear this skirt for work, but I really like it with the t-shirt and studded boots, definitely makes it a bit funkier!

And speaking of 'not-so-flat' stomachs, I've done something controversial this week! I've made an appointment for a session at a local health centre, it's not a gym (I don't do gyms!), but it has these vibrating power plate things.  Apparently, you do a 20 minute session on them, which equates to 90 minutes in the you don't really get hot, sweaty or out of breath...apparently! So it suits me perfectly.  I'm convinced in one month's time, I'll be a stone lighter, with abs to rival Gwen Stefani's (she was the first female celeb with good abs to come into my head!)!!

I'll keep you updated on my progress...

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

home wishlist #1

It's been a looooong time since I did a wishlist, and since I seem to spend my days eating, drinking and sleeping homeware I thought why not do an interiors wishlist, rather than the usual pretty dresses and make-up must haves!

We moved into our house 5 weeks ago, and although there is still lots to do, things to buy and walls to paint, it's starting to feel like home.  It's just all those bits that we need now that aren't priorities (apparently beds, sofas and kitchen tables are more important, who'd have thought?), but the things I really want to start buying.

So here it is, all those bits and bobs we don't need that I really want...the boy really wants a bigger TV, hrmm!

1.  So I have no idea where we would put this, but it looks good and if we could squeeze it in the hall somewhere it would stop all the pairs of shoes, post and other items that get dumped at the bottom of the stairs...ok, it would stop me dumping everything at the bottom of the stairs!
2. I never knew I could spend so much time thinking about lamps, we're hunted high and low (the shops of Carlisle) for a lamp or two for our living room, without much success.  This little beauty matches our colour scheme perfectly, and the pewter base makes it really original.
3. I love the ladder style shelves that are around at the moment, but these M&S ones are a bit more unique, I'm a big book fan and so the more bookshelves I can fill the house with, the better.
4.  Me and the boy are in a bit of a duel right now, we both agree that we need a radio for our bedroom, he wants an ugly one with a big digital clock that lights up so he can see what time it is in the night, I want a pretty one that will match the room and play Radio 1...!
5. So you may notice a recurring theme, me trying to convince the boy and now its that the space we have in our living room is just shouting out for this chair, he's not so me convince him otherwise?
6.  I have a real thing about retro/retro style furniture and this chest of drawers is no exception, I can picture it now on our landing!

Keep your eyes peeled because I am going to be posting some before and after home pics...we just need to buy a few more things first ;)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

a sunny day and a lack of technology

So after my great announcement about being a more regular and better blogger, it seems the whole world has been against me.  First of all my phone died at Kendal Calling after sitting in a little pool of water in our very wet tent, and has yet to come back to life.  So I was phoneless for a week (I know! Imagine the pain), then I used a Nokia for a few days, and you know how everyone remembers the Nokia 3210? Well I think this may have been a Nokia internet, no camera, no nothing!

I've since been 'loaned' a HTC but it has no sim card in which means I can't even take a few snaps on that, me and instagram have had to take a little break.  

Anyway, in the meantime, we got a bit snap happy with our actual camera, then BT decided to cut off our internet because apparently we weren't in when they came round to connect us?? Erm, we were, and we've been using it for 2 weeks.  

And finally, I don't have access to blogger at work (sob sob), hence my eagerness to be a good blogger has resulting in not a lot.  

Jumper - Miss Selfridge
Jeans - River Island
Converse - Office

But here I am, with some not great outfit photos because my photographer had me standing in completely the wrong light, and I'm squinting on them all...but I do have nice new shoes!

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