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Monday, 27 January 2014

a champagne thank you

I was recently contacted by Waitrose and asked if there was anyone in particular I'd like to thank...over a bottle of Champagne!  Now I don't need any excuse to pop open a bottle of Champers, and recently getting engaged means there has been lots of bubbles over the last couple of months!!  But Waitrose are running a lovely campaign over January to give every online shopper a free bottle of Champagne with their groceries.

I really liked this idea of really making a point of saying 'Thank You' to someone, and figured who else would be the most appropriate person to say that to, than the boy.  He (bless him) went to the effort of going to see my parents to ask for permission to marry me, he then planned a perfect day, got down on one knee and popped the question.  Of course, the only word in my head was 'Yes', not 'Thank You'.  

And so I decided to rectify that, with a little help from Waitrose...

On Saturday night, I thought I'd cook a romantic dinner, open our bottle of Champagne, and say thank you.  Waitrose didn't only help me out with the drinks, but I headed to them for recipe ideas too, which I didn't even know existed until now.  
If you head over here regularly, you may have noticed I'm on a bit of health kick, so trying to treat the boy to a meal he loves, while hiding the fact it's a healthy alternative isn't easy.  But after spending a long time perusing (and drooling) over their recipes I spotted this Keralan Fish Curry.  Really easy, really healthy...and it's a curry, he can't complain right?!

With dinner cooked, bubbles opened, and a lovely Saturday night in...I got so excited about the Champagne, I forgot the Thank You, drank the Champers, and commended myself on my culinary skills.
And if I was you...I'd hurry on down to Waitrose and bag yourself a free bottle too, before the offer ends in a couple of days!

*Homemade Keralan Fish Curry may look as good as said Keralan Fish Curry on Waitrose website, but I can confirm it tastes bloody good!

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