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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

a healthy life - week 3

This has been a week of ups and downs.  Although there is one thing that's good, that's going down...I've lost another 1.5lbs, which brings my total weight loss to 5lbs in 3 weeks, go me!

The first up being, a trip to Pizza Express this week, I ordered a HEALTHY meal, and not only that, but I enjoyed it! This is not something which I've ever achieved in my life before.  I'm either far too tempted by the high calorie goodness, or I opt for the low fat, and sit with food envy over my friends cheesy delight.  But, I've got to say the Leggera pizza was much better than my expectations.  I still got the satisfaction of having pizza, without all the calories.

But, like I said, it hasn't all been good.  The Squats and Abs are not going well.  I had a bad day, and 'forgot' to do them.  I had another bad day, and couldn't face doing them.  I'm back on track with the squats, but I just can't get back into the abs.  They were taking me FOREVER, and they were killing seriously, I'd made it to 70 sit ups, and 95 crunches, which I think was pretty good going, but it was SO hard.

I did keep on track with my eating though, and obviously it's paid off with the weight loss.  Now I just need to do something to kick my butt into shape.  I'd really like to join a yoga or pilates class, but hate going to them for the first time on my own, any one else get that fear? So if any Carlisle based peeps are reading this, and would like to join me...let me know!  If not, I might look at doing some of these online classes, I've heard Blogilates is pretty good? Can anyone recommend?

So I've got 2 weeks to go, and 2lbs to lose, to achieve my first goal of half a stone.  I know this is going to be a tough week, I've got a big night on Saturday with lots of food and drink, and I've been asked to make a Guiness Cake...and I can NEVER resist Guiness Cake.  And too many drinks on Saturday may result in a hungover Sunday, and that is never a good place to be on a diet.

I need help to stay focused, I'm on the look out for more diet/health blogs to follow, and recipes to cook, so if you can point me in the right direction...then let me know.


  1. 5lbs in three weeks is amazing. I'm trying to lose some weight too and find that it's going out and meeting friends that I face most temptation. I know it's going to get harder one January's over and everyone stops detoxing.

  2. I'm trying to lose weight after gaining a stone through being immobile and in a wheelchair, I fall off the wagon every time I go out to eat but am going to try the leggera pizza on sunday! Keep up the good work xxx


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