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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

a healthy life - week 5

Well I knew I was going to have the weekend off, and allow myself to indulge a little.  However, a little turned into A LOT, and the scales very much agreed this morning.  I've managed to put on a pound and half, just from three days of laying off the diet. A POUND AND A HALF??

Ok, so laying off the diet meant pretty much eating anything and everything I could get my hands on, from cheese, to cake, to hot chocolate, cider, pasta, more cheese, wine, chocolate, oh and you know, a nice light curry to end the weekend.  And I knew I wouldn't have lost any weight, but I didn't expect quite the increase.

But, I'm not going to let it stop me, I'm going to get back on track, back to calorie counting and hope that come this time next week, I've at least leveled off again. I'm still working towards my half a stone goal, then once I've hit that, I'm going to start on the fitness side of my New Years Resolution.

I'm constantly looking out for new recipes ideas to keep things interesting, there's only so many stir fry's I can take.  And I've found following other bloggers who are on the same journey really helps keeps me motivated and inspired.  I mentioned Lydia's blog a couple of weeks ago, so I thought i'd bring up another two favourites tonight:

I've been a WAMK fan for a long time now, in fact I even guest posted for them many moons ago.  But this site is great to give you motivation from all aspects, with recipes to exercise tips to personal journeys, and because they feature so many different areas of 'healthy living' there will always be a post to interest you.  Plus, I'm biased because a few of my blogg-ey faves regularly pop up with their latest weight loss (or gain!) news.  But by being honest, and admitting when they've had tough weeks, makes you realise you're not the only one facing that challenge!

Keep up the good work ladies!

Again, another blog I've been a reader of for some time, and while Sophia's main focus of her blog is not healthy eating or fitness and weight loss, but the best place to head if you want an honest make up review, she recently posted about her personal weight loss.  And I'm definitely going to be regularly checking back to see how she's getting on.  It's not easy to post about things like weight on a public forum, which is why I wanted to mention Sophia to show that she's helping to motivate others, and encourage her to keep at it!
So thank you Sophia for your motivation!

So back to my plate of vegetables, and let's hope next week brings a better number on those scales. I guess I should start thinking about that exercise I've been promising too, huh?

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