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Saturday, 15 February 2014

stylist's trend on trial, trialled: bridal hair


Trend on Trial is back!! After it's *ahem* year long sabbatical I'm bringing it back with a bang!

Just a quick update for those that don't know, Stylist Magazine regularly do a feature where there beauty team try out the latest catwalk trends, I enjoyed them so much, I started giving them a go myself.  And just for the record, they're not always a success.

It would seem that the catwalks have been playing close attention to the hair this season, and adorning do's with silk flowers and delicate headbands seemed to be the way to go.

Given that I'm getting married next  year (have I mentioned that?!) it seemed only natural to re-launch my Trend on Trials with the 'bridal hair' look.  Unfortunately though, I didn't have quite the delicate ivory and blush roses to sample with, so my look's a little more....bold?

I started with the up do, trying to re-create something similar to the Zac Posen look, and while you can't deny that it's not super pretty, it's just a little more OTT shall we say, than my usual dressed down Saturday look.

So I decided to try and  make it a little more natural, letting my hair down and ruffling it up a bit, might make me look like one of those ethereal types who just end up with flowers in their hair wherever they go.  Yeah, that didn't seem to work either.  Don't get my wrong, I love the floral crowns that are doing the rounds at the moment...I just think paired with my usual attire of jeans and battered converse, something just isn't quite working here!

 So what do you think? will you be giving the bridal hair look a go? Unfortunately I don't even think I'll be rocking this to walk down the aisle.

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  1. You may not wear it down the aisle but you could still wear it to a wedding?! It looks great. You've inspired me to start recreating some looks on my own hair!


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