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Saturday, 22 February 2014

stylist's trend on trial, trialled: contouring - take 2

beauty blogger blonde make up contouring

This is the second time I've given contouring a go in my Trend on Trial posts, but Stylist were re-visiting it, so I thought I would too.  Plus, I now have the correct tools (hello Sleek contouring kit), and it's something I've started doing a regularly as part of my 'going out out' make up routine.  So this should be an improvement on my latest's hoping.

I've now learnt to blend (oh yeah!), highlight specific areas and sharpen others.  I've gone for a fairly subtle look in these photos...(sorry, I was heading to Dunelm Mill), but it's easy enough to use the same techniques and just turn up the volume...Kim Kardashian eat your heart out.

 beauty blogger uk blonde make up contouring
This was one Trend on Trial that the Stylists girls all agreed on, all three of them liked it, which is a very occurence! And I totally agree, I've always thought of myself has having quite a big round face, with cheekbones  apparently hiding somewhere under there, but using your make up to contour really actually makes them appear, from the depths of despair.    

I think it's safe to say I've come along way since I last tried it, and obvious to say that this is one Trend on Trial I will be putting in practice on regular occasions, and if like too think you've been damned with chubby cheeks, then I definitely suggest giving this a go.


  1. I really love contouring as I have quite a round face too but I always find it difficult so maybe I need to pick up this little kit!

  2. Such a great post. I love your blog it's such an enjoyable read :-)
    Beth x

  3. Oh you've done it so well, you look great! I couldn't go a day without contouring my face now! xx


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