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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

a boyfriend shirt

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A lazy Saturday calls for a lazy outfit, and that brings this little ensemble.  The sun was shining (it's true!) and I had a day ahead of meandering around the shops, a bit of cooking, and some all important 'putting my feet up time'.  
Now this top was purchased at the back end of last Summer, so it hasn't really been given the attention it deserves.  But now that Spring has sprung, I'm brave enough to face sleeveless tops, and bring out the bright colours.  Teamed with this denim shirt. it makes for a great 'I'm not sure what the weather's really doing' outfit.

But let's talk about the shirt.  This used to belong to the boy, but given that he rarely follows washing instructions, he managed to shrink it.  Disappointing for him as it was one of his favourites, but result for me, as it's now a regular in my wardrobe.  I'd just like to shrink it a little further so it isn't quite so obvious I'm wearing a men's shirt.

 fashion blogger denim shirt

fashion blogger denim shirt

 fashion blogger denim shirt

 fashion blogger denim shirt
Top - New Look
Shirt - Merc
Jeans - Gap 
Trainers - Converse (in dire need of replacing)

And here's a picture of me actually smiling for a change, talk about awkward!


  1. Love this look!

    Emma x

  2. You look really lovely x

  3. Well you still look amazing, lazy outfit or not!

  4. You really suit blue. This outfit is so effortless but really works.


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