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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

a healthy life - week 9

Good news all round for this week's 'a healthy life'.  I've FINALLY shifted that extra pound I put on a few weeks ago, and it has been a pain in the arse (probably, quite literally) to get rid of.  So I'm now back to 8lbs loss in total. 

On top of that, someone commented today that I was looking like I'd lost weight,'s taken 9 weeks and 8lbs to get there.  Time for a celebratory doughnut? Maybe not.

So this week I thought I'd firstly tell you about a few tips and tricks that help me keep on top of the calorie counts:

1.  Options Hot Chocolate - absolute life saver if you're having a chocolate craving that can't be shifted.  And only 38 calories a pop.  My favourite is the mint one, but they're all good.
2.  Weight Watchers Dessert Yogurts - have you tried these bad boys? They ACTUALLY taste like dessert, I am not kidding you.  Only around 50 calories each, and they they're a good substitute if you're a real pudding person.
3.  Make vegetables taste better - leeks with a bit of lighter philadelphia? A DREAM! Even the boy loves this, and he 'claims' he doesn't like cream cheese.  In fact, putting philadelphia on pretty much anything makes it taste better.
4.  Drink more water - this is an obvious one, I drink quite a lot of water anyway, but having a glass of cold water helps with those hunger pangs...ok, I'm not saying water is a good food replacement, if you're starving it's not gonna touch the sides, but half an hour before lunch? It helps!
5.  And finally, keep busy!  When I'm bored, I'm STARVING...most evenings I get home from work and want to start cooking tea straight away, but if I have something to do...such as blogging, I've usually forgotten I'm hungry, well it lasts awhile anyway.

So, what's next for me?  Well I'm still 2lbs away from my next weight loss goal.  

And I'm still not getting anywhere with the exercise.  

I'm setting myself a pound a week to lose over the next two weeks, and I'm going to try and do some form of exercise once a week.  I know most of you are probably thinking once a week isn't enough, but even that's a challenge for me, and I have to start somewhere.  Now that the weather is better I've been doing more walking.   Plus the boy has signed up for a half marathon in October, and now he's started running again it's motivating me to do something...don't get carried away, I won't be signing up for that, but it's making me realise I should get up off my arse occasionally.

Here's to another good week...and now I'm off to do a yoga youtube video, YEAH I AM! 

No, like, genuinely.


  1. I'm a huge fan of options hot chocs! Great little choc fix. Not seen those weight watchers dessert yogs, def going hunting for those... went on a perfect run tonight through the park after work, beautiful it was, if you ever fancy joining me... x

  2. Ooo definitely need to try this options hot chocolate! Well done on being healthy! And some really great tips. I really need to start drinking more water.


  3. Inspiring post, especially since I've been struggling to lose 10-15 pounds. Do you recommend any work out videos on Youtube?


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