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Monday, 10 March 2014

a little black dress - for a special date

fashion blogger black dress, new look kimono,

 fashion blogger black dress, new look kimono

Since we moved back to Carlisle and bought our own house, it seems me and the boy have had less and less time just for us.  Quiet weekends inevitably turn into busy weekends when we find house chores that need to be done, family that needs visited, and spontaneous trips to the pub to see friends.  I'm not complaining, I love doing those things (ok, I don't love doing chores, but I love shopping for household goodies!) and seeing more of friends and family was the main reason for us moving home!  But it does mean that 'we' have got a big neglected.

So last weekend I made it a night!  When in London, we tried to make an effort to do something special every couple of months, after hearing about some friends who took it in turns to plan a 'date' in secret for the other one, we thought we'd give it a go.  We lasted two months!  The pressure was too much, I'd get too excited and tell him where we were going, and we quickly ran out of ideas (read that as, weren't organised enough to plan in advance).  But living in London did give us the luxury of endless new restaurants we wanted to try, exciting events at the local park/pub/theatre, or just the chance to walk along the embankment/covent garden/pretty much anywhere, anytime in London you'll find something interesting.

Living in Carlisle isn't quite so exciting, but we have good bars and restaurants and I can't beat any excuse to make the most of that.  A nice meal, a reason to get dressed up, and a chance to enjoy each others company over a glass bottle of wine is now going to once again, become a priority.

And so last Saturday, I pulled out my favourite LBD, spruced up my locks, and gave my new 'New Look Bed Jacket' it's first outing:

 fashion blogger black dress, new look kimono
Dress - ASOS
Kimono - New Look via ASOS
Shoes - Faith
Necklace - H&M

Check out the pose-tastic below...I apologise, it won't happy again! 

 fashion blogger black dress, new look kimono

Do you have any tips for unique date ideas when living in small towns or cities?


  1. You look fabulous, love the outfit especially the jacket x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. love the jacket, very Stevie Nicks x

  3. love that kimono! desperate for a patterned one for summer!

    styleskittle / uk fashion blog xx


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