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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

house of fraser - true fit technology

In the words of my two year old niece, 'I got a new coat, I got a new coat'. 
Obviously, this beautiful coat speaks for itself, but what's even better is, I ordered it using House of Fraser's new True Fit Technology.  I'm sure you're all probably thinking, what is that, I know I was when they contacted me asking if I'd be interested in giving it a go.  But honestly, it is a god send!

The theory behind it is that many of us do our shopping, never really knowing which size we should be ordering.  It's a problem I have on a regular basis because I tend to switch between a size 10 or 12 depending on the brand.  

Anyway, House of Fraser have put together this new feature which means you tell it a little bit of information about yourself, your size, height, weight, bra size etc.  And I mean a 'little', it literally took me 5 minutes to tell it everything it needed to know.  For example, I've probably got an average stomach and a slightly on the flat side bum (should have kept up those squats!).  Give it a couple of seconds and it generates your 'True Fit' Profile.

You can then take it a step further if you want, and input further detail.  For example, I know I tend to be a size 10 at Warehouse, however at Oasis, I tend to be a 12 (damn you Oasis!), so I can tell it all this, if I'm size 16 in Therapy jeans, and a size 6 (keep dreaming!) at Yumi, then I can tell it all that.


And why I have my eye on something and it's looking likely I may 'add to basket' it gives me a little help in the right direction.  So for example, I'm thinking about making a cheeky little Warehouse purchase, but I'm at my desk at work, and can't decide if I usually take a 10 or tells me what TrueFit thinks.

Look, here it is doing the hard work for me:

One click, step, and a few quid lighter the item arrives at my door and I'm confident it's going to fit.

And that is the story of this coat, and isn't it just perfect?

Coat* - Warehouse via House of Fraser
Jeans - River Island
T-Shirt - too old for me to remember
Sunglasses - Thailand 'Ray Bans'
Boots - Miss Selfridge

And if you're kinda confused, because I'm rubbish at explaining things...this video explains it all:


  1. I love HoF's TrueSize, and also the fact that their order to store thing is so good. Always there the next day and I love being able to try things on before you take them home. Fab.
    Another thing I find really useful is this little site: Put in your measurements and it will tell you what size to go for in most high street brands.

  2. I love your coat! It's the prettiest shade of grey :) I haven't had a look on the HOF website in agessss and I can tell from your lovely coat that it's long overdue! Lovely post x x


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