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Sunday, 2 March 2014

stylist's trend on trial, trialled: drawn on eyelashes

trend on trial, drawn on eyelashes, beauty blogger
This week's Trend on Trial was supposed to be Rainbow Hair, but not being too sure how that would go down with work, I decided to save that one until I've got a long weekend, and time to wash my hair 27 times to ensure all the colour has faded.  It's one I'm looking forward too though, as I've been fancying pink hair for a while, so watch this space.

Instead, I decided to look to the archives and selected the 'drawn on eyelashes' trend, with Stylist suggesting it's a nod to Edie Sedgwick, one of my all time favourite style icons (check out this post) I was dying to give it a go.

20 minutes in and 6 attempts later, I wasn't so enamored.  For some reason, the process of drawing on eyelashes was proving virtually impossible.  I had two really good pen eyeliners to hand, but they just weren't doing the job, I'd wiped off my attempts so many times, I had big black circles under my eyes.  In a final attempt, I opted for a lip liner brush and a black eyeshadow.  I guess you could say I got there in the end, but the result doesn't even come close to how well the Stylist girls did.

I was expecting to look in the mirror and see a Twiggy look alike staring back at me.  I wanted to have achieved that real sixties appeal, big beautiful eyes with a dark flick of eyeliner.  Instead I think I look more 2 hours sleep and a back of the hand smudge!

 stylist trend on trial, drawn on eyelashes, beauty blogger stylist trend on trial, drawn on eyelashes, beauty blogger

I so wanted to love this, maybe I didn't go bold enough, maybe a thicker cats eye across the top lid, and heavy falsh eyelashes would have completed the look, but for now, this is definitely at the bottom of my pile of Trends on Trial.

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  1. This must have taken you so long to do!! I think it looks really pretty though! Definitely gives you the doll eye effect :) Aimee xx


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