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Thursday, 13 March 2014

sun is shining, weather is sweet, yeah

Blazer - Label Lab, House of Fraser
Jeans - River Island
Top - Primark
Brogues - Topshop (if anyone has seen any similar, please let me know, desperate for a new pair!)

Isn't it nice to finally see some sunshine? London may have had 20 degrees at the weekend, but unfortunately Carlisle did not.  So I may have got a little over-excited and thought I could easily rock this blazer with no need for a coat, the sun was out after all...I was wrong, and feeling a little like an idiot, had to declare frozen limbs.

But this is life, and the perils of living in the North, so I'll be wearing my coats and scarves for a little longer.  And try not to let myself get too jealous when scrolling through my Instagram feed to see friends having BBQ's, yes really, down South!

But back to the blazer, you 'might' recognise it (if you have a weird photographic memory and remember every post I've ever written) as as the one I had a huge plea to find several months ago, nearly a year ago, wow that is scary how time flies.  I drunkenly misplaced it after it being my favourite item of clothing for a mere two weeks.  Twitter came to my rescue after I announced my misfortune, and luckily I was able to replace it.  I did have to get a bigger size though, and I haven't quite had the same love for it since.  

However, here it is, teamed with casual jeans and simple tee (a tee that should be long put in the bin) I rather like this look.  I love absolutely love the colour of it, and paired with black, black and oh black, makes it look rather suave.  Maybe a tight vest rather than this loose t-shirt would have tidied the look up, and I just wished I'd added my trilby hat to complete the look.

But I didn't, what can I say.  I'm never gonna make it as a stylist.  


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