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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

a healthy life - week 15


Well, here I am back with my first 'healthy life' post after a bit of a break...I knew I'd not posting one of these for a while, I didn't realise it had been nearly a month, whoops.  

Truth is, I well and truly fell off the bandwagon.  In true Caroline fashion, I'm going to blame everything and everyone but myself.  Easter happened, what can I say?! I was given a lot of chocolate eggs which were naturally, crying out to be eaten.  In addition to that we've had friends to stay, weddings, family occasions and...home baking, I'm a law unto myself.

Anyway, moving on, one thing I made a conscious decision not to do was weigh myself.  Instead I've given myself two weeks to get back on track, then I'm going to weigh myself.

I recently read Sophia's post about not being so dependent on what the scales say, which is something I'm really guilty of.  I become fixated on the number going down, and have been known to myself every day...something which isn't a good idea.  However, stepping on the scales often gives me the kick start I need after some over indulgence, it's just all about ensuring I find a happy medium.
So rather than this post telling you how many pounds I have or haven't lost, it was just a little 'hello this is where I'm at'.  I'm feeling like I've got my motivation back (she says...knowing there's pizza on offer for lunch in the office tomorrow).  

I'm following more 'healthy' instagramers, I'm determined to start making my own smoothies and 'Alpro' style breakfasts I've seen doing the blogging rounds of late (they just look so tasty), and I'm now walking to work.  Admittedly, this isn't much to be proud of, it takes approximately 12 minutes, but the route home is all uphill, and I'm usually out of breath when I get there (embarrassing, yes...good for helping my fitness, also yes), and hoping this might lead to a further interest in's unlikely, but miracles have happened.

So any 'healthy lifestyle' converts out there, can you give me any advice? Or even just the kick up the arse I really need right now? It would be much appreciated.

What I should be doing is following the advice from that image above...rather than sitting here talking about it!


  1. I feel your pain, i find it way easier to eat healthily than exercise (have been known to drive 30 seconds down the road to the train station) - definitely need to get onto following some healthy fitspo instagrammers!!

  2. I wrote a massive comment and it disappeared!
    Anyway, I've been reading your healthy living posts for a while but never commented but thought I'd chip in with my opinions and experiences.

    I hate running. I hate the treadmill. I hate the bike. I hate the cross trainer and stepper. HOWEVER, I've been exercising regularly for 4 years and last week I did exercise 6 days and this isn't a rarity for me. It's a case of finding what you love and it takes time and effort but you will get there. For me I get my cardio fix in a class. At the moment I'm loving short HIIT training classes like metafit and insanity. Get in, get your HR up, go all out, get out. Weight wise I like being in the gym and doing what I please and works with my body at the time, however if you want to get some confidence with weights try a Body Pump class. All body workout with weights and it will hurt but boy it works!
    This is my opinion in what I think you should do.
    Try everything you can multiple times over the next 2 months. Join a gym, workout in the gym, go to as many classes as you can (multiple times so you get the hang of it! p.s. no-one watches you) swim, go before work, go after work, go on your own, go with friends, try youtube videos, fitness dvds, get a PT, get a PT to make you a program. Find what works for you but don't give up. You will find what you like eventually but it will take time. The hardest part is putting your trainers on I promise you.

    I think keeping off the scales is a great thing. We focus too much on the weeks and the numbers, personally I did some serious damage in the old weight and inches department. I weighed, photo'ed and measured myself mid-april and I'm not doing it again till 2nd june. I'm getting happier with my body again, does it matter what the scales say?

    Good luck with it all and keep the focus. Tweet me how you get on with your exercise!

  3. I think that's a good idea to give yourself two weeks and then weigh yourself. I am very guilty of being, almost a glutton for punishment with the scales - after a big blowout or a few weeks of being bad I always weigh myself almost as a way to show myself how badly I've messed up and pile on the guilt! It's a much healthier approach to put it behind you and see where you are in two weeks time. Like the commenter above I am seriously thinking about ditching the scales and focussing on measurements. I had a really on point week last week with lots of running and walking (I have also started the 5:2 diet) and I weighed myself on Monday and hadn't lost anything and was really cross with myself. I need to take motivation from knowing I'm improving my health and fitness, not from a number on a scale. Hard though! Keep at it, I think the small changes you've mentioned will make a big difference in the long run.xo


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