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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

the forget-me-not dress

My grandma's favourite flowers were forget-me-nots, this always makes me smile because she actually developed Alzheimers as she got older, but her love for the flower has certainly rubbed off on him.  There's something so delicate and simple about them, similar to my grandma really, and at this time of year it's lovely to see how these tiny little flowers can brighten up any green space.

When I spotted this dress over on the Great Plains website, I knew I had to have it, why? Because it's called the 'forget-me-not' dress, plus it's exactly the type of dress my Grandma would have loved me in, blue and floral was right up her street.

It's not my usual style, and I wasn't totally convinced when I first tried it on, but I popped it on for a family meal last week and actually I really love it on these photos.  The colours and the print are beautiful and the structured shape, with the black belt make it really flattering.  I'm still in two minds about the length, and I might even ask my mum to shorten it for me so I can wear it a bit more casually with flat shoes but I know this won't be the last time you'll be seeing it!
Dress* - Great Plains
Shoes - Debenhams

I'm just disappointed I only manage to get one snap outside before it started pour down, our garden is covered in would have been the perfect setting!


  1. Gorgeous dress, it really suits you. Definitely the kind of thing my grandma would have liked too. She had Alzheimer's also so I really understand what it's like and how you need to remember things about them that they loved before xxx
    The perks of being a hipster

  2. I love this dress and it's so sweet that you chose it because of your Nan. x

  3. It's so pretty on you! I'm also mad on blue and floral and I love the 40s-ish cut on this.

  4. I love this dress on you, i was quite surprised as its not something i thought you would go for but its beautiful! Mind you, you know me and my prints. I can totally see it working with tougher ankle boots, black opaques and a biker jacket when it gets cooler too. But what i am mostly coming here to say is YAY, i love that you had your fringe cut back in. I feel like that should be a blog post in itself lol. Hope the new jobs going well and to see you soooooon xxxxx

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