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Thursday, 12 June 2014

m&s essentials - the wedding outfit

Summer has started, and that means one thing, wedding season is here.  When you reach the ripe of old of 29 like me, then all of a sudden your diary seems to fill up with the impending nuptials of close friends, I love a good wedding, so I'm not complaining but it means I've become an expert at packing the essentials.

I've had one wedding so far this year, and another three to go, and in typical female fashion, I'm not prepared to wear the same dress twice.  Next month is wedding number 2, and somehow I've got the dress sorted already, a rarity for me, and the essentials are nailed...

Good quality underwear, a trusty lip balm, a decent long lasting lippie, some statement sunglasses, and a handbag sized perfume.  And why look anywhere else when you've got M&S on your doorstop, offering all those things under one roof?

M&S has always been my first choice for underwear, it's got great choice, it's good quality and their sizes fit me (hurrah).  Despite the bold colour of this dress, both dark and light colours show up on photos, so those white granny knickers are a no-no, and the slinky black frenchies aren't going to work either, I don't want to be stood next to the bride with my undies peeking through.  M&S came to the rescue with this coral set, it's the perfect shade so it won't show up with even the brightest flash, plus on Summer days, this fantastic colour is the kind of bra strap I don't mind having on show...just imagine it against a tan!

I never think an outfit looks complete without a well painted lip.  As I suffer from dry lips, I always carry a lip balm with me, whatever the occasion, this is an essential for me.  But what's a lip balm without a good lipstick.  This Autograph ultimate shine lipstick is long lasting, and ultra moisturising, and the wide range of colours means you can get one to match every outfit, I've already stocked up!  

And as Summer approaches, it's almost here, right? There's just two final things I always rely on for looking and feeling fresh at a wedding.  Weddings can get hot, and sticky, and that's never good, so I like to have some perfume with me, obviously I don't want to walk around with a big full sized bottle of Daisy in my handbag, so this pocket sized fragrance is perfect.  And the smell is super light, and refreshing so it won't overwhelm all the other guests when you go for touch up later in the day.

And last but not least, a good pair of sunnies.  I tend not to wear them for the professional photos, poser-alert, but I like to don them for a selfie or two with friends.  Hides the fact you're squinting against the sun, and with these big bad boys, you feel like a least I did! That's assuming the sun is shining, which it always does for weddings, right? At least tell me it does, as I'm keeping everything crossed for a beautiful summer's day when I say those two special words 'I Do' next year.

So that's my wedding outfit essentials wrapped up.  As you can see, I now just need a decent pair of shoes to go with this dress, I'm thinking white? Then it'd be rude not to get a matching clutch, yeah? Yeah I think so...I'm off shopping!

Dress - Urban Outfitters
Handbag - Accessorize
Shoes - River Island
Watch - Michael Kors
Sunglasses / Lip Gloss / Lip Balm / Perfume / Underwear* - Marks and Spencer


  1. What a lovely outfit - I adore that dress :) x x x

  2. Pretty outfit. I love M+S - they've got me out of a pickle a few times, like when I went to a blog meet and my clutch bag fell apart - nipped in there and managed to pick up a replacement in no time.

  3. I sended you a friend request on FB and secret note


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