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Thursday, 30 January 2014

a lot of love for...silver tree jewellery

Seriously, where have I been? How have I only just discovered Silver Tree Jewellery, and why did no-one tell me about them sooner?

Now, I've never really been one for designer clobber... don't get me wrong, if I was offered a wardrobe full of designer clothes, I certainly wouldn't turn it down, but I've always been the type to turn to the high street first.  However, jewellery on the other hand, has always been an exception to the rule.

I'm often find myself lusting after the latest jewellery fad, remember the 'Carrie' style name necklaces? Yep!  And the Michael Kors watches which are doing the rounds just about now..I'm happy to admit I'm the proud owner of both.  So imagine how excited I was to discover Silver Tree through the lovely Helen, an independent jewellery store that stocks ALL my favourites under one roof (well, URL!).

When I discover a gem (gem, geddit...jewellery?!) like this, my first thing to do is look at everything they stock, I know, I know it seems excessive, but it's what I do.  Then I had my favourites to my basket, usually to sit there for several days while I justify which ones I should, and shouldn't buy.  So I thought I'd share with you my current basket favourites:

Who doesn't love Vivienne Westwood? I'm not generally an earring wearer (despite the fact I have my ears pierced three times) because I have super sensitive ears, but I'd put with the pain, to hang these beauts from my lobes every day.

Vivienne Westwood Small Key Earrings

I'm a sucker for a silver ring to add to my ever expanding collection, and this silver band is crying out to adorn one of my thumbs.

Thomas Sabo Glam and Soul Simple Silver Band

And while we're talking rings, lets just take a moment to enjoy this rose gold bow ring, need I say anymore?

Thomas Sabo Glam and Soul Rose Gold Bow Ring
Now for the piece de resitance, just look at the colour of this blue jade dome necklace, I'm already planning oufits around this, I'm thinking simple white vest top to show off that amazing colour!

Kit Heath Blue Jade Dome Necklace

Now I recommend you all head over to Silver Tree, as you definitely won't be disappointed, you might be a little lighter in the wallet department though.

*sponsored post

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

a healthy life - week 3

This has been a week of ups and downs.  Although there is one thing that's good, that's going down...I've lost another 1.5lbs, which brings my total weight loss to 5lbs in 3 weeks, go me!

The first up being, a trip to Pizza Express this week, I ordered a HEALTHY meal, and not only that, but I enjoyed it! This is not something which I've ever achieved in my life before.  I'm either far too tempted by the high calorie goodness, or I opt for the low fat, and sit with food envy over my friends cheesy delight.  But, I've got to say the Leggera pizza was much better than my expectations.  I still got the satisfaction of having pizza, without all the calories.

But, like I said, it hasn't all been good.  The Squats and Abs are not going well.  I had a bad day, and 'forgot' to do them.  I had another bad day, and couldn't face doing them.  I'm back on track with the squats, but I just can't get back into the abs.  They were taking me FOREVER, and they were killing seriously, I'd made it to 70 sit ups, and 95 crunches, which I think was pretty good going, but it was SO hard.

I did keep on track with my eating though, and obviously it's paid off with the weight loss.  Now I just need to do something to kick my butt into shape.  I'd really like to join a yoga or pilates class, but hate going to them for the first time on my own, any one else get that fear? So if any Carlisle based peeps are reading this, and would like to join me...let me know!  If not, I might look at doing some of these online classes, I've heard Blogilates is pretty good? Can anyone recommend?

So I've got 2 weeks to go, and 2lbs to lose, to achieve my first goal of half a stone.  I know this is going to be a tough week, I've got a big night on Saturday with lots of food and drink, and I've been asked to make a Guiness Cake...and I can NEVER resist Guiness Cake.  And too many drinks on Saturday may result in a hungover Sunday, and that is never a good place to be on a diet.

I need help to stay focused, I'm on the look out for more diet/health blogs to follow, and recipes to cook, so if you can point me in the right direction...then let me know.

Monday, 27 January 2014

a champagne thank you

I was recently contacted by Waitrose and asked if there was anyone in particular I'd like to thank...over a bottle of Champagne!  Now I don't need any excuse to pop open a bottle of Champers, and recently getting engaged means there has been lots of bubbles over the last couple of months!!  But Waitrose are running a lovely campaign over January to give every online shopper a free bottle of Champagne with their groceries.

I really liked this idea of really making a point of saying 'Thank You' to someone, and figured who else would be the most appropriate person to say that to, than the boy.  He (bless him) went to the effort of going to see my parents to ask for permission to marry me, he then planned a perfect day, got down on one knee and popped the question.  Of course, the only word in my head was 'Yes', not 'Thank You'.  

And so I decided to rectify that, with a little help from Waitrose...

On Saturday night, I thought I'd cook a romantic dinner, open our bottle of Champagne, and say thank you.  Waitrose didn't only help me out with the drinks, but I headed to them for recipe ideas too, which I didn't even know existed until now.  
If you head over here regularly, you may have noticed I'm on a bit of health kick, so trying to treat the boy to a meal he loves, while hiding the fact it's a healthy alternative isn't easy.  But after spending a long time perusing (and drooling) over their recipes I spotted this Keralan Fish Curry.  Really easy, really healthy...and it's a curry, he can't complain right?!

With dinner cooked, bubbles opened, and a lovely Saturday night in...I got so excited about the Champagne, I forgot the Thank You, drank the Champers, and commended myself on my culinary skills.
And if I was you...I'd hurry on down to Waitrose and bag yourself a free bottle too, before the offer ends in a couple of days!

*Homemade Keralan Fish Curry may look as good as said Keralan Fish Curry on Waitrose website, but I can confirm it tastes bloody good!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

branching out...

Recently, I've been feeling like I need to mix up my wardrobe a bit.  I've got clothes I wear for work, and clothes I wear at the weekend, and I usually keep them very separate...until now!

I've realised that a lot of my work clothes, I really like, but have that stigma in my head that I wear them for work, so I couldn't possibly wear them any other time...well that's just daft isn't it?! That means I have half of my whole wardrobe that rarely sees further than the four walls of my office.  

So I'm branching out...and here is my first experimentation with this Primark shirt!

Hat - ASOS
Shirt - Primark

In other news, this hat was a Christmas present from the boy, I really wanted a bowler hat but sshhhhh let's not tell him that!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

a healthy life - week 2

Well that's 2 weeks gone by now, and I'm pleased to say I'm still sticking to it (Yes, it really is that rare for me to keep going this long!) I've lost another pound, which is 3 and a half in total, and I'm feeling motivated enough to stick at it.

Now don't get my wrong, it's not easy...whilst I'm chomping on an apple, the boy is making up for all these 'low calorie' meals by eating chocolate bars, and I've sat and stared longingly!

On Saturday night, I fell off the wagon slightly, but we had friends round, which involved cider, pizza, champagne, pretzels and chocolate! A few ciders in and it wasn't so easy to resist the goodies, but I am pleased to say I managed to resist the Quality Streets! But I think the evening certainly contributed to my 1 lb weight loss, rather than 2 lbs this week!

As a result of this, I've decided to set myself small and achievable goals to keep me going.  In three weeks I'm heading to Manchester to meet some friends I haven't seen for a while, I'd like to have lost another 3.5 lbs by then to have reached my half a stone goal.  That's a lb a week, I know it's going to get harder, but I have something fairly achievable to work towards.

I'm always looking to places for  more guidance/motivation.  I regularly read Lydia's blog, her posts are great for telling the truth, and being realistic!  I mean she's an exercise machine, and far far away from where I'm starting, but she focuses on being healthy, not skinny!  She points out obvious things like, have a cheat day on Sunday, so you're ready to start a fresh on Monday, rather than a Friday so you end up having a cheat weekend...can she read my mind? 

I've got a picture of 'healthy' woman on my desk, so when I'm craving sugar, I reach for the fruit instead.  And next week, I'm going to buy some trainers (OMG!), I've only owned Converse for the last three years, so now I can start moving my ass.

And finally, I'm still going with the 30 Day Ab and Squat Challenge, but my god, is the Abs Challenge hard! I'm on Day 15, and really going to have to just stay at this level for a while, is any one else having problems moving on so quickly, and got any suggestions??

And to end this's a picture of a vegetable I bought this week (hehe!)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

a healthy life - week 1

Well it's week 1 and I'm going strong.  I've had a week's worth of healthy eating, I've started the 30 Day Squat and Ab Challenge....and I've lost 2.5 lbs!!!!!

I decided that doing a regular update on here may keep me more motivated.  I'm not good at sticking to things, especially when it involves fruit, vegetables, exercise and most more cakes, biscuits, burgers, chocolate, sweets, crisps....the list goes on.

This how my brain usually works:

'Ooh I've lost 2lbs, well I can go back to eating normal now then, right?'

'I've just been swimming and burnt 400 calories, so I can have a mars bar to make up for it?'

But this year I actually want to stick at it! My eating has gone well this week, I've downloaded the myfitnesspal app which has been great for keeping my on track, and I've been printing healthy low fat recipes from the philadelphia website, these are really easy to make, and taste good!

The exercise,however, hasn't really got going...yet! I am going to start swimming, and walking a bit more.  And I am on Day 5 of the 30 Day Squat and Abs Challenge, but it is KILLING me! Last night I had to do 70 squats, 25 sit ups, 15 crunches, 15 leg raises AND a 20 second plank...what is that about?

So now I need more recipes, preferably that don't involve chicken, I'm all chickened out after 1 week, some motivation to get my ass off the sofa, and I want to keep seeing those scales go down!

If anyone has any tips, or is blogging a healthy lifestyle too, then please let me know!!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

goodbye 2013....hello 2014!

I know there's a lot of these posts floating around in the blogging ether right now, but I figured I couldn't end last year without a little round up.  

2013 was quite possibly the biggest year of my life.  In 2012 the boy and I made the big decision to leave London (after 5 years) and move back up North.  So last December we packed up our bags, and made the long drive back home.  And then brought in the New Year, very jet lagged, in Bangkok!

3 weeks later, I started my new job.  In May, the boy turned 30.  In July, we go the keys to our first house.  August was mainly spent painting.  November we treated ourselves to a few days in New York.  And December? We got engaged!

It's fair to's been a big year!

Now I'm not generally one for New Year's fact, I've never made any because I know I'll inevitably give them up within a few weeks, but 2014 is going to be different.  Firstly, I would like it to be a little calmer, and secondly I've only gone and made two new year resolutions:

1.  I'm going to get fit and healthy - on more than one occasion on this blog, I have vowed that I am going to lose has yet to happen.  So I'm tackling this differently.  I want to get fit.  A couple of weeks ago, I was running a bit late to an appointment, so I ran for probably no more than 60 seconds...I thought I was going to die! At the tender age of 28, I really think something should be done about this.  From now on, I'm going to eat healthily and aim to up my fitness levels.  And hopefully, a little weight loss will follow.

2.  I'm going to get my blog back on.  2013 I have neglected this space a little.  I was without a photographer for 6 months, and now he spends half the week in London.  So I'm going to be a bit more creative...I can take my own photos, selfies right?? I'm going to bring back Trend on Trial (my favourite posts) and I'm going to be organised, you know, forward planning on all that!

Plus, I've got a wedding to start writing about!

So to help me in my quest, feel free to let me know what you'd like to see more of, encourage my fitness regime, post links to healthy recipes..and plan my wedding with me? 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

there's something i'd like to tell you....

I'm engaged!!!!

If you read this post, you'll know that about a month ago, me and the boy spent a rather lovely day decorating our first house for our first Christmas together.  And he only went and ended the day by getting down on one knee and asking me that all important question...of course I said yes!  Well, after five years together it would be rather rude not to wouldn't it!

Since said engagement, I have become rather addicted to Pinterest, you can find me over here if you want to check out my wedding inspiration board.  I'm on the hunt for quirky and unique ideas for the big day, so please feel free to send me your links too.

We haven't yet set a date, we wanted to get Christmas out the way, and we're going to start looking at venues over the next few weeks, but I'm very happy and most excited about the fact I'm allowed to now read Rock My Wedding Blog in public, yee ha!

So that's my news...Happy New Year Everyone!

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