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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

blog love #1

I'm currently sitting on 81 unread posts in my Bloglovin news feed, for the last couple of weeks it's been sitting on 100+ and yet I refuse to mark all as unread as I know they'll be a few gems sitting in there that demand my attention.

As much as I'd love to spend a few hours every evening catching up on my fave blog reads, these days I'm most likely to be found eating my breakfast with my right hand and scrolling through posts with my left, a quick ten minute catch up at the end of my lunch break, or very occasionally, saving a couple of favourites to read before lights off at bedtime.

I'd then love to spend more time commenting, these days a quick click of that delightful little heart on Bloglovin has to do the trick.  And as all bloggers know, it's lovely to get comments from readers, it's even more heart warming to receive a long, and considered comment from someone who has generally enjoyed reading your post.

Occasionally, I leave some posts unread with good intentions to head back and leave the comment I'd initially wanted to write, however weeks slip by and I suddenly realise that 2 months later, I'm just going to look like some crazy stalker if I randomly comment on that post when there's been 47 since.  So as of today, I can't promise I'm going to comment more, but I am going to jump on the blogging bandwagon, and each week highlight a couple of my favourites over here on this little space.  I've noticed several bloggers doing this lately, and actually maybe it's better than a comment?  Because it's spreading the blogging love, and hopefully you'll find some new reads too.

So without further ado, this week's favourites are....drum roll please...
A Rosie Outlook - August Health & Fitness Goals
Rosie's blog has been a favourite of mine for a while now, and more recently I find myself anxiously awaiting her health and fitness updates (yes, I'm that sad).  I feel Rosie and I are on the same wave length when it comes to this topic, both determined to succeed (although she has a much better attitude to exercise than me, read: she does it, I don't) but with endless apologies for slip ups and one two many ciders at the weekend, resulting in a calorific intake of all the goodies we've denied ourselves all week.  
This post really struck a chord, and one I took time out to comment on because I resonated so much with it.  I really struggle with the weight around my stomach, and it's real sore point for me... I think Rosie looks amazing, and I'm don't know what tummy she's referring too, but I have the same 'relationship' with mine so know exactly how she's feeling!

The Dusty Attic - What's it all about anyway?
Yes, yes ok, so technically this post should fall into last week, but I only started this blog love this week, and I had to give a shout out to Anna.  A fellow Cumbrian (not the first time I've been Cumbrian biased) but a post that left me shouting out in agreement.  Anna hit the nail on the head with this one, I love blogging, I love the friends I've made, the opportunities I've had and yes, the goodies I've received are definitely a perk.  But, where have I been lately? I'd been busy, then completely lost motivation, to a point where I was considering giving up.  But this post, plus a reality check (I enjoy it!) means I'm here, and determined to continue.  So thank you Anna, and looking at the definitely seems we're not the only ones who fight this battled.

Vivianna Does Makeup - The weekly vlog #16
Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 22.20.55
I'm bending the rules with this one, another from last week, but I have recently become completely addicted to Anna's weekly vlogs.  I've never been one for watching vlogs, I often get bored (sorry vloggers) and I barely have time load the video, let alone spend 20 minutes watching them, but Anna's weekly vlogs have got me hooked.  A little snapshot into her week makes me envious I'm not a full time blogger, she has a wardrobe to die for and, I'm not gonna lie, I have a little crush on her fella so it's always nice to have a little eye candy.  A must recommend for anyone like me who hasn't quite got their heads round vlogs yet.

Blue October - Courgette Loaf
I love a good baking post, in fact many of those that really get my mouth watering, I 'favourite' with good intentions to try making myself at some point.  I say 'intentions', I have a list of about 20, with two ticked off at the moment.

I hate courgettes, the boy loves them, like Lizze, we're being given them left, right and centre at the moment, so I'm thinking this courgette loaf could be happy medium that we both enjoy? It's kinda like cake, right?

SaraLuxe - Urban Outfitters
And last but not least, an outfit post! And one from another Cumbrian, yay for us! How stunning does Sara look in these photos, and on top of that, how beautiful are these photos? Kicking myself for forgetting my camera when we went holiday or I could have had some beauts like these, also now wishing I had another holiday planned...

And that's my first bit of blog love, I hope you enjoyed!

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