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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

the challenge: running - i ran 10k

Sexy running face

It's true, I really did run 10k.  If you've read this post, you'll know how I feel about running, and 13 weeks and 15 runs later I still hate running.

In January I set myself a challenge to complete Total Warrior in August, (if you're new to my blog and wondering what all these 'challenge' posts are related to then go read this post) and as part of my 'training' I decided I would set myself an aim to be able to run 10k non-stop so even though I won't actually have to run 10k in one go for Total Warrior, I'd know that I could do it.

My first run in January I struggled to complete 3k, but I figured if I could keep it up and add an extra kilometre a month, I'd potentially be up to 10k by July... that was my target.  But by some miracle, ok motivation and determination that I  never knew I had, I kept upping my distances and on Saturday I did it, I ran 10k, and it wasn't all awful.

(yep that is the top of Primose Hill - part of my run route on Saturday)

So how have I done it?  I've made myself go out and run every weekend since January, regardless of how busy I am or where I am, hence the runs on recent weekends away.  I also upped my distance gradually, I did between 4 and 5.5k for 6 weeks in a row, that helped my body get used to actually running and it set me in a good routine.

Since then I've just added a little bit at a time, doing a couple of 8k runs in the middle.  Admittedly one of those 8k's was I think one of the worst hours of my life, at various times throughout I seriously considered collapsing at the side of road and ringing someone, anyone (an ambulance?!) to come and get me, but somehow I just kept going...and faster than the week before, maybe it was because I was so desperate to get home, maybe it was the sugar in the slice of cake I'd eaten before I headed out, or maybe it was because there was a little voice in my head just telling me to keep going.

I've also done a bit of hill training, which is horrendous, I thought running was bad, running up hills is even worse.  

While I'm seriously proud of myself for hitting 10k 3 months ahead of schedule, I'm really pleased that somehow I seem to have developed a natural pace and I maintain it throughout my runs.  That makes me think my endurance and stamina levels are quite good, and I'm staying focused throughout.  If I was doing runs where I started really fast then massively slowed down and tailed off towards the end, I think I'd find those runs physically harder and emotionally not as motivating. 

What I don't know is, what should I do now? Do I try and do faster 5k's, do I run 10k's every week, or do I keep trying to up my distance? I'd like to run further and faster, I'd like not to resent running so much and I'd like to continue seeing progression, so, if anyone has any tips, then holler, I'd love to hear 'em.

If you're enjoying following my training, I'd love it if you'd like to sponsor me, I'm talking part in Total Warrior to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer, an awful disease that my dad was diagnosed with in May.

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  1. If anyone has any tips on how to make yourself hate running less, I'd definitely love to hear them, too. I know it's somehthing I *should* be doing, but oh how I hate it.


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