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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

the challenge: 7 dinners

You've read my 7 breakfasts post, now here's my 7 dinners.  Since starting this challenge in January, I've really been trying to up my protein intake and lower my carbs, and I'm generally pretty good at sticking to this Monday - Friday, we won't talk about the weekend, because that's when anything goes.

I bought the Lean in 15 cookbook (who hasn't?!) and it has quite literally become my bible (this is not a sponsored post fyi), I've never made so many recipes out of one cookbook, and can hand on heart say I haven't had a bad one yet, even the Mr likes them, which is a revelation for healthy meals.  I don't cook meals from the book every night, but probably 3 or 4 days, so I thought I'd show you some of the types of things I eat in an average week. 

However, once I started looking through all my photos I realised that the title of this post was quickly going to be quite right, as I had so many photos I wanted to include that I knew 7 wasn't going to be enough, but whose focusing on titles when there's all this food...
7 Dinners - allaboutthegirl
1.  Steak with kale and chorizo - from the Lean in 15 cookbook, this is SO good, the combination of chorizo and balsamic vinegar makes the kale taste genuinely really good, I haven't quite jumped on the kale wagon otherwise.

2. Chilli with courgetti - we eat courgetti on an almost weekly basis, nope it isn't quite as satisfying as a big ol' bowl of pasta, but it comes close, and with barely any calories to boot.

3.  Prawn and pineapple fried rice - low calorie, low fat and reminds me of my holiday in Thailand, certainly no complaints about this one.

4. Chicken and new potato hash - another Lean in 15 and this one is the Mr's favourite, he actually requests this for his tea, it must be good.

5.  Spanish Omelette - I must eat about 12 eggs a week, and omelette's are regularly on the menu, usually because I can chuck in whatever's in the fridge, they're so filling and I can make a damn good one.

6.  Burger with sweet potato fries - who says you can't eat burgers and be on a diet?  I ditched the buns but added cheese, so this meal is still pretty good for you, lots of protein and I love sweet potato so happy to substitute proper chips for these homemade wedges.

7.  Moroccan quinoa veg thing - I made this after watching one of Niomi Smart's 'what I eat in a day' videos, I vaguely followed her recipe and added a few things of my own, super simple and easy to make and a nice change from my usual dishes.

8.  Singapore chicken noodles - Lean in 15 yet again, but this is de-lish, the curry powder really gives it that asian flavour with the added lime and chilli, I could eat this every week.

9.  Kedgeree - yep, you guessed it, Lean in 15, I never really knew what kedgeree was and assumed I didn't like it, but I've made this three times now and I'll definitely be making it again.  I love smoked fish, and this is just yum, low calorie, low fat, and full of protein...go and make it now!

If you follow me on Instagram then you will probably have seen most of these photos, but who doesn't look a good food tummy is already rumbling!

I'm on this health kick to get myself fit and strong by August as I'm talking part in Total Warrior to raise money for pancreatic cancer.  If you'd like to know more, then check out this post, and if you'd like to sponsor me (which I'd greatly appreciate) then you can do here.

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