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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

the challenge: week 20 - an update

Running in the peaks

Have another 4 weeks passed already? That means it’s time for my latest update instalment, and it means I'm a month closer to Total Warrior.  Is now the time to start getting nervous? And if you're wondering what I'm talking about, then check out this post.

Unfortunately the last 4 weeks haven’t been quite as intense and focused as previous weeks, my dad still isn’t doing so good which means I've missed a lot of my workouts to spend time with him and my mum.  While I haven’t let this make me lose focus, and I've been trying to squeeze in other things where I can, I'm definitely feeling the effects. 

A lack of workouts, a couple of weekends away, and a lot of ‘cheat’ meals, I'm feeling like I'm carrying more weight, I feel less fit and generally not as good as I was feeling a month ago.  But, I will not let this dishearten me.  My holiday is in 6 weeks which means I need a 6 week plan to try and lose a few extra pounds, and tone up my stomach more…is that doable in 6 weeks? If it is, can you let me know and point me in the right direction…

All is not lost however, I've been keeping up my weekly run, and incorporated a couple of shorter ones.  I'm getting a little quicker, and it’s getting a little easier (not to be confused with enjoyable though).  And, I did the run from hell a couple of weeks ago while we were away in the Peak District, turns out peaks means hills (who knew!) and it was tough, there was more than one point when I had to give up and walk, and on one occasion the Mr genuinely thought I suffered from asthma and I’d somehow forgotten to tell him in all the years we've been together… Put it this way, me and hills just don’t get along, and in previous runs, I've gone out my way to avoid them.  Given that one element of Total Warrior is hill running, at some point I'm going to have to embrace them.

So what next? I need to get back into my cardio workouts, I need to my heart rate going and help with my endurance, but I think I also need to get back into my strength and toning type of workouts.  This is more for my own aesthetics rather than Total Warrior training (although it all helps) but I’d like to see some definition in my abs again, I say again, I think they were there for one day.

abs progress

This next 4 weeks is going to be tricky, it’s my birthday, the Mr’s birthday and our first year anniversary, not to mention bank holiday, so if that’s not enough excuses to eat cake, drink cocktails and generally chuck the diet out the window then I don’t know what is.

And on that note, I'm heading to Pizza Express for tea, and while my brain says Leggera, my heart says ‘eat all the food’ and do you know what? That’s exactly what I'm going to do…

P.S. If you've been reading my post for a while, you'll probably already know why I'm on this crazy health kick, but if not, head on over here and read this post - I'm in training and raising money for Pancreatic Cancer, if you'd like to sponsor me that would be super lovely of you.

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