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Friday, 2 September 2016

multipower smoothie's - it's a thumbs up from me

Multipower protein smoothie

Multipower protein smoothie

If you've read this post, you'll know I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to counting macros, while I know it would probably help with my aims (read: dreams) to get leaner and fitter, it just seems too complicated and I don't want to become fixated on tracking, measuring, weighing and faffing around with my food.

However, one thing I do try to ensure is that I don't overdo the ol' carbs that we all seem to hate on so much, and I try to make my protein intake high, especially on workout days.

I walk to work, and I pass my both gym and yoga studio en-route.  Now you're probably all thinking I'm some kinda crazy exercise obsessed person, my commute to work is a whole 15 minutes, I'm not doing it for fitness reasons or to keep up my step count, it's purely because it's easy, it's free and it makes sense.  

But on the evenings I do workout, I finish my class, get all my stuff together, probably have a bit of a chat, and then walk home.  I get in the front door, do the usual stuff you do when you get home... pick up the post, drop my bags, wander round the house, think about a shower etc, the last thing on my mind is getting out the blender and whipping up a protein shake, especially when i'm planning on having my dinner thirty minutes later, it's just not going to happen.

However everything I read says you should aim to have some form of protein around 15 minutes after your workout, so when Multipower dropped me an email and asked if I'd like to review their protein smoothie, well I'd have been foolish to say no, it was like the answer to my post-workout protein quandry.  Yep, first world problems and all that!

The drinks are full of natural ingredients, they have 26g of protein (you're right, that means nothing to me but I think it's good?!), they're  low in fat AND carbs, and they're ideal for muscle building and recovery, apparently...

Multipower protein smoothie

Oh, and they come in a nice, well sealed bottle, so I can pop them in my gym bag, and they're good to go the minute I finish working out.  And do you know what? They taste really good too, just like a fruity, yoghurt-y smoothie, and they're not too filling, so they satisfy my hunger but not fill me up too much for my dinner later on.

So it's an all round big thumbs from me, and because they're more of a yoghurt drink, you don't get that chalky taste of protein that some of these types of products have.  And, even the Mr is stealing them so they must be good.  He's currently about to start training for a marathon so I have a feeling these will start disappearing from the fridge even quicker!

Multipower protein smoothie

Now I'd just like Multipower to start working on a few more flavours...I'm thinking chocolate and banana, mmm mmmmm!

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